Verbal deficit

It’s not even ten a.m. yet and I’m already out of words.

Trump says NO to federal disaster relief for California.

Because of course he does. Too many Democrats in that state. Never mind that it’s the biggest state in the country by population, that it has more people than most countries, that it’s an agricultural giant and a tech giant and a movie industry giant and a forest products giant and a shipping giant and a tourism giant – it’s not going to vote for him and its people don’t bow down before him.

It’s true about the world population by the way. It would go between Iraq and Afghanistan, with 40 million and 38 million respectively. That would make it number 37 out of 235.

The LA Times reports:

The Trump administration has rejected California’s request for disaster relief funds aimed at cleaning up the damage from six recent fires across the state, including Los Angeles County’s Bobcat fire, San Bernardino County’s El Dorado fire, and the Creek fire, one of the largest that continues to burn in Fresno and Madera counties.

The move heighten tensions between California and the president over wildfires. California saw record fires this year, fueled by several factors including climate change. Trump has repeatedly criticized California for its handling of fire policy, sometimes with misleading claims, and had rejected the role of rising temperatures as a factor.

But more to the point, the state doesn’t vote for him.

More than 4 million acres burned in 2020, more than double the state’s previous record. The fires this year have burned an area larger than the state of Connecticut and killed 31 people.

So naturally the hateful puffed-up bladder of a man says no to federal aid.

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