Where is that piano?

Another press briefing campaign rally, perhaps the weirdest yet.

At this stage of the rally, the early stage, he comes across as drunk, exhausted, sick, something – gabbling, slurring, and seeming to talk through a gallon or two of his own drool.

“…when thee brunt of it comes, which is coming quickly, you see it, you see it as sure as you can see it” [rising hand gesture to illustrate “brunt”]

Lots of drunk – slurring – weaving – struggling in this one:

No, people with expertise in researching and testing new medications are going to have to do that.

That one is particularly disgusting. He goes on and on about who stroked his ego enough and who didn’t, as if that were the whole point. It makes me wish I could bash his head in myself.

Yes, “inappropriate” to go public to save the lives of his crew.


It’s true about the bizarre hushed tones. He’s doing the creepy-daddy whisper at this point, and it makes one want to run for the hills.

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