Women tend

He’s an anthropologist so he must know.

[Editing to add: Actually, after a bit of googling, I suspect he’s not an anthropologist but a guy with a BA in anthropology. Maybe he’s filling or playing or performing the role of anthropologist and therefore, according to him, he is one.]

Innnnteresting. I suppose this is a special anthropological use of the word “fill”? I suppose “filling” a role is not the same as playing a role? We’re to understand it as not-fictional, not-pretend, truthy-true?

Not exactly. He does seem to mean performance – the acting kind, not just the doing the job kind.

Ahhhh. All that’s required is consistency. That does make things simple. So we could all put on a lab coat and ask medical questions and write “Dr.” in front of our names, and we’d be filling the role of doctor, and thus we would actually be doctors.

Uh oh. Is he evading the question? I think he’s evading the question. I think he’s fleeing the interview.

And there you go. “Woman” isn’t a real, material category, it’s a set of stage directions.

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