Aaaand she was thrown out

Astounding. And horrifying.

Inc “work to ensure LGBT is embedded across South Yorkshire” ….they intend to target all commissioners

“At Edinburgh rape crisis we had to cleanse our history of not being trans inclusive” JFC – Wadwha is talking about “cleansing” the women’s movement.

Not sure of the stats on this…. “The rape crisis movement is largely run by white, cis, heteronormative women”….

No, really?! The rape crisis movement is run by women? What an outrage!

Desperately want to say something …. Wadwha talking about how Scotland is engulfed in transphobia and suggesting *this* is why service users are afraid to access rape crisis! They have to learn not to be “transphobic” @ForwomenScot

Now framing it as opposition from the right wing. Wadwha talking about Scottish women “exposing themselves in recent weeks …as right wing and …working with fascists” @ForwomenScot

Wadwha “there was a protest outside Scottish Parliament the week before last – organised by those who oppose the GRA reform …and also those who oppose the existence of trans people”


“We have been listening but at that protest there were people – that group of women were joined by fascist groups” @ForwomenScot

“They have given that space to them and that’s quite scary” …. Lies are scary Wadwha. Lies are really scary.

Absolutely incredible, and disgusting.

Importantly Wadwha was just discussing what you do to be more inclusive as an org. The language used terrified me. Talked of transphobic views surrounding us in society so Wadwha knows those views have been absorbed …

“We have to acknowledge those views in our organisations and see if they are views that can be changed or if they are permanent…. Can do this anonymously… it’s a journey”

The implication here is that anyone not in favour of admitting trans identified men to a women’s single sex service must be “found” and “changed” …. Honestly the most sinister talk I’ve been at

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