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Graham Linehan tells us that David Lammy told a whopper about the silence of his constituents on the trans issue. It’s quite a startling whopper.

Speaking to Rachel Burden on Radio 5 Live, 29th September, Lammy criticised the BBC for focusing on  “identity issues” and denied that voters are concerned about gender ideology, saying to Burden “you have chosen to ask me about an issue that has never, ever been raised on the doorstep”.

He took an almost identical line while talking to Nick Robinson of BBC’s Today programme on the same day. “Nick you are deliberately asking me about an issue which you know does not come up on the doorstep. It’s a bit of a trap to get caught up on identity politics.”

It’s maddening in more than one way, that claim. It’s maddening in its dismissiveness about the concerns of women, and it’s maddening in its absolutist nothing to see here take when we know there’s everything to see.

Now, activists from Lammy’s own constituency Labour Party (CLP) have revealed they told him that former Labour voters had expressed despair that the party is ignoring women.

Graham gives four examples of such expression, the final one being that Lammy

Met with women party activists who spoke with him for three hours, detailing their concerns about the Labour party’s support for Self-ID. He agreed that the women in the party should be widely consulted on the issue.

There could be an argument that Lammy is justifying this in his head with the fact that he said on the doorstep, which means the public in general, as opposed to Labour activists…until you scroll down and read the conversation with one of those activists.

Now I’d started to meet a lot of women… I was already aware of all of this, by the way, I am a signatory of Labour’s Women’s declaration. So I have lots of friends within that group…and I knew what was happening and what was going on. And then I started to meet people on the doorstep. And there were more and more women, and we have quite a high lesbian ratio of women in this area. A lot of them moved here thirty odd years ago and found it a good place to stay and they liked it. So they were being very open on the doorstep and saying “we’re just not voting for them. What do they think they’re doing?” And I’d say you know “I’m totally on board with you and I’m not the only one. There’s loads of us fighting.”

So that’s…you know…the doorstep.

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