All you do is talk about

More Ash. (She’s like a splinter that you can’t…quite…dig…out.)

One, but it’s not all we do. Obviously. It’s not all anyone does. It’s something we talk about when it comes up, and the rest of the time we do other things.

Second, we don’t generally say it’s disgusting…unless she means we say the coercion is morally disgusting. That is something I say, and it’s quite possible I’ve said it about this subject. I do think it’s morally disgusting – worse than bad, worse than wrong, actively repellent and horrifying. Could Ash be confused about that? No, because what she says is “about who you find disgusting,” meaning “too disgusting to have sex with.” She’s translating the absence of sexual attraction into “disgusting,” which is a cheap trick, and in fact kind of homophobic, if you ask me.

Third, and most glaring, it’s not “lesbians don’t want to have sex with trans women because of their minority status” now is it. Of course it’s not. Lesbians don’t want to have sex with trans women because they have male bodies. Having a male body is very far from being a minority status, especially a downtrodden or exploited minority.

Any accusation she can think of in order to justify calling women bigoted, it seems.

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