An underclass of women who are men

This is the kind of thing that makes this conflict so maddening.

First, “I’ve also discovered today, which I did not know, that @MForstater has publicly said women should be denied access to women’s spaces if other women think they look like men.”

Wrong. There’s no “think they look like men” about it. We all publicly say that men should be denied access to [at least some] women’s spaces. That’s it, that’s the say. Men should stay out of women’s spaces. It’s not so much “denied access” as “don’t ask in the first place.” It’s just no. Way too many men are deeply weird about women (see: Wayne Couzens), and we don’t want them in places where we pee or change tampons or nurse babies or recover from rape or heal from major surgery. We want privacy from men when we need it. It’s simple, and it has nothing to do with “if other women think they look like men.”

And that “has publicly said women should be denied access to women’s spaces” bit is the maddening ploy – pretending trans women really are women and that that’s obvious and that everyone accepts it and that there’s just nothing to discuss. It allows her to accuse us of being meanies to women, which is stupid but also tragically effective.

Two, “I can’t support the creation of an underclass of women who have no safe space away from men because they aren’t what people like @MForstater think a “woman” should look like.” The same all over again but 100 times more so. They aren’t women. Men are not an underclass of women. Women are the underclass here, not men.

It’s so gullible, and smug, and taunting, and bullying, and obnoxious.

Also Coppola had blocked Maya and then she did tweet after tweet tagging her after blocking her. What’s the point of that? To get her fans to bully Maya, presumably.

Class traitors. They suck.

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