Ex Priv

Trump the treasonous insurrectionist is claiming he’s immune from everything because “executive privilege” – which I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work, at all. I think its basic justification is so that a current president – a president actually in the job at this moment in time – can do the job without distractions or interference. There are problems with that too, as we saw for four years, but I think it is at least limited to that specific situation. It’s pragmatic, as opposed to the bestowal of a dukedom. I don’t think it makes Trump forever a Sacred Body.

Trump on Wednesday threatened to invoke executive privilege in an effort to block¬†the House select committee¬†investigating the January 6 Capitol riot from obtaining a massive tranche of documents it’s demanding from several US government agencies, despite his successor having the ultimate say over whether the information can be shared.

“You can’t look at the evidence that I’m a treasonous insurrectionist, because I used to have the job for reals.” Nah, that’s not right.

At least I certainly hope it’s not.

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