Gender apathy

Shocker: the fact that women are held in contempt probably has something to do with why they are paid less.

Workplaces, homes and institutions continue to hold attitudes towards women that “devalues and discriminates against” them, exacerbating a gender pay gap that is unlikely to close for another 26 years, according to an author of a report on workplace equality published on Friday.

The report found that while some organisations have embraced change, in others there was “gender apathy”. “This ‘gender apathy’ has acted to slow the overall pace of change,” the report said.

Along with “gender excitement” over trans women. Women, yawn; pretend women, thrilling!

Cultural change was essential to change this apathy, Cassells said.

“There is an attitude that runs through our workplaces, our homes and our institutions that devalues and discriminates against women. These attitudes and poor culture lead directly to discriminatory practices against women.” Cassells said. “But they can be changed when they are challenged, when there is zero acceptance within a workplace or an institution, and when leaders decide that they will be changed.”

Which we’ve been trying to make happen for at least the last half century, but maybe we’ll get there some day! But by then the planet will be hot and dry and empty…

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