Hard to think of

Now here’s a guy who spells it all the way out, which they mostly avoid doing, probably because it shows too clearly how stupid the whole thing is.

Man tells woman that men who call themselves women are “far less powerful as a group” than women and men.

One, it’s a sly move to say “than you or I” as if women and men were on a level when it comes to power. Women and men are not in the same group when it comes to evaluating power, status, rights, freedoms, fairness, basic respect. Women don’t have the same power and status and rights and freedoms as men have.

Two, and most obviously, no of course men are not “far less powerful” than women. Even if they put on woman face and a skirt, they’re still not far less powerful than women.

Three, he cheats by making trans women one group and women and men another group. That’s connected to One but not exactly the same.

Four, it’s hard to think of a minority group lower down the pecking order? Really? Try African migrants trying to escape violence or poverty or drought or all three by piling into a tiny boat and heading for Spain. Try working class migrants in general. Try women in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan. Try Uighurs in China. Try schoolgirls held captive by Boko Haram. Try severely disabled people. Try people who combine two or more disadvantages of that kind. There are literally billions of people lower down the pecking order than trans people.

How do people get as soft in the head as this guy?

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