Higher education

“Rachel” McKinnon aka Veronica Ivy is working his final weeks at the College of Charleston and still finding time to abuse a student on Twitter. It’s almost as if he’s just not a very nice man.

Selina Soule was of course not suing to ban trans women from sport, she was suing to keep males from competing in women’s sport.

But also, this is a man in his late 30s, a professor, holding a first year student up to ridicule on Twitter, and lying about her in the process.

I guess Rhys McKinnon wants bullying a teenage girl on Twitter to be his legacy at 39. Yikes.

Yes definitely the fact that he never taught her himself personally in person in the flesh makes it fine for him to abuse her on Twitter. Totally fine. He has no kind of privilege or advantage over her whatsoever – not his job, not his sex, not his 20 more years, not his notoriety, not those massive shoulders, nothing.

Also, eat shit.

Apparently CNN thinks he’s just the guy they want to have a nice chat with.

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