Honestly just bizarre

Yes yes, that’s right, we’re the ones who are saying the equivalent of “the moon is made of apple pie.”

Who is Abigail Thorn?

Abigail Thorn is a British actress (formerly known as Oliver Thorn; born 24 April 1993)… Thorn publicly came out as a transgender woman in January 2021.

So Thorn doesn’t have a female body, Thorn isn’t biologically female. It’s just lying, this kind of thing – unabashed brazen lying. It’s gaslighting in its most basic sense. It may be true that Thorn thinks he “feels like” a woman, but if it’s true that he came out as a trans woman last January then it’s not true that he has a female body. (It could be the Oliver version that was not true, I don’t know, but if it is true that Thorn is a trans woman then it isn’t true that he has a female body. “Trans woman” means a man (who has a male body) who identifies as/calls himself/claims to be a woman. It doesn’t mean a man who has a female body.

It’s not Satanic to point this out.

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