“I shouted at you but no assault”

More on the Manchester Pride bullying via JL at the Glinner Update:

Alexander Braham was at Manchester Pride, wearing a hat and t-shirt bearing the LGB Alliance logo. While he was attending a march to protest cuts to LGB+ charities, his hat was stolen and he was abused and attacked to such an extent that police had to remove him for his own safety.

All over Twitter, people were congratulating themselves that a gay man was subjected to this violent and abusive behaviour and forced to leave a Pride event.

It seems that April Preston was one of the ringleaders. She is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Withington in the forthcoming local council elections and a member of the Lib Dem Federal Board.

Preston’s Twitter is currently locked.

Earlier this year she authored an open letter about trans rights in which she stated, “Any suggestion that trans women be segregated or restricted on the basis of their trans identity is a transphobic one… Trans women have the same right to exist in women’s spaces as any other woman.

Her concern for ‘marginalised women’ clearly doesn’t extend to the women in prison, the women in domestic violence refuges or the women in rape crisis centres who desperately need single-sex spaces. Nor does it extend to the women whose faith or culture makes it impossible for them to share intimate spaces with males.

Not to mention the women who just don’t fucking want to, which I think is probably around 99% of us.

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