Is this actually harming anyone?

Pretending not to see.

“Inclusive” language forsooth – it’s not inclusive at all, it excludes women from discussion of our own rights. Altering an existing (and quite famous) quotation defending women’s rights to remove all mention of women is obvious and grotesque exclusion of women. That guys like this pretend not to see it is infuriating. (He’s not stupid; I checked. He’s not stupid, he’s doing it on purpose.)

Wtf? They removed five of her words from a 54-word passage. They systematically removed “women” and “her” from a passage about women’s rights. How could anyone get a different “impression”?

Brackets commonly denote a minor change for reasons of clarity or accuracy, they don’t commonly denote swapping multiple words that change the meaning to its opposite. No newspaper or magazine editor would countenance that kind of “changing a word in a quote” unless it were introduced with “consider how the passage would look altered thus” or similar. So yes it fucking is a misquote, because it’s radically different from what RBG said.

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