Ixnay on the ommymay

Oh did they indeed.

The term “mother” was removed from Scottish government maternity policies after they were lobbied by a leading LGBT+ charity, it has emerged.

So we all emerged from a coconut. Not the same coconut, mind; each person xir own coconut.

Documents released under freedom of information (FoI) legislation confirm that the charity wrote to the Scottish government last year encouraging them to adopt terms featured in their inclusive policy toolkit. The word mother now no longer appears on documents outlining maternity leave.

I wonder if Stonewall also lobbied governments to remove the word “father” from everything.

Malcolm Clark, director of the LGB Alliance, which was founded in 2019 in opposition to Stonewall’s policies on transgender issues, claimed the changes were unnecessary and counterproductive.

“Gay people don’t want the word mother removed,” he said. “For a word that has such resonance, and is understood by everybody, to be cancelled by a lobbying organisation, without any public discussion, is just absurd.”

Absurd, misogynist, insulting…erasing. It’s literally a campaign to erase women from the language.

However, Benjamin Cohen, chief executive of the LGBT website Pink News, was supportive of the introduction of gender-neutral terms.

Well he’s not being erased. We are.

“The people who are concerned about this are actually a relatively small but vocal minority,” he said.

You know who else is a small but vocal minority? Trans people.

He added: “Having policy that is inclusive is actually really important to lesbians and gay couples who are starting families.

Does he actually think lesbians want to get rid of the word “mother”?

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