Just disperse, bro

A tweet by Ex-Muslims of North America inspired me to seek out the Quran Verse 53. It’s very amusing.

O you who believe, do not enter the houses of the Prophet, unless you are permitted for a meal, not (so early as) to wait for its preparation. But when you are invited, go inside. Then, once you have had the meal, just disperse, and (do) not (sit for long) being keen for a chat.

Heeheeheehee it’s so pious, so spiritual, so disinterested. Listen, guys, don’t keep showing up at my place hoping I’ll give you some lunch, wait until you’re fucking invited. And if I do invite you don’t fucking show up early – what am I supposed to do, give you a pre-lunch lunch? Then you’d show up early waiting for that!

And when I’ve given you the fucking lunch and you’ve eaten it, then go already. Get out. I don’t have time to “chat” with you, I’m a prophet for fuck’s sake, not one of your card-playing buddies.

This (conduct of yours) hurts the Prophet, but he feels shy of (telling) you (about it), but Allah is not shy of the truth.

Yeah I’m shy, I’m a real shrinking violet, but Allah isn’t shy, motherfuckers. Get out of my house. And as for the bitches…

And when you ask any thing from them (the blessed wives of the Prophet), ask them from behind a curtain. That is better for the purity of your hearts and their hearts. It is not allowed for you that you hurt Allah’s Messenger, nor that you ever marry his wives after him. Indeed, it would be an enormity in the sight of Allah.

Those tight pussies are not for you, mofos. Not now not ever. Allahu akbar.

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