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But why should a woman who campaigns against female genital mutilation have to “include” men who identify as women? However they identify, they can’t possibly experience FGM, so why should Hibo Wardere include them in her work? Her work is not personally relevant to them (even if they do have enough concern for others to care about the issue, which all too many trans women seem not to have), so what would be the point? Even if you buy into the whole trans women are women fantasy, they still don’t experience FGM, so can they really not just leave this one alone? Can their “allies” like Nora Imlau here leave this one alone?

And how can everyone “accept that trans women are women just like cis women” when in the case of FGM that is simply obviously false? Even if you buy into the whole woman’s brain in a man’s body fantasy, trans women are still not just like “cis” women in the sense of having the same kind of genitalia.

What a vast amount of time and attention and energy people are squandering on this absurd caricature of social justice, when they could be doing something useful.

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