Late at night

Speaking of “can you think of one good quality in Trump?” –


No. Not drinking and staying up late do not add up to being “a worker.” Trump was very productive on Twitter, too, but that also doesn’t count as “work,” especially given the quality and content of his tweets. And what really doesn’t count as work – what counts as a pathetic infantile waste of time – is “watching every show.” The giant baby “watches every show” because they talk about him; he watches them to see what they say about him. It’s nothing to do with work, let alone his job.

According to all the reports he’s done literally no work since the election, he’s done nothing but try to steal it back. He hasn’t done or said one single thing about the pandemic since the election. He hasn’t done or said one single substantive thing about anything else either. His “work” on January 6 set off the violent attack on the Capitol. No, the fact that he’s not an alcoholic does nothing to compensate for that.

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