Never okay to not include

More “include trans women in EVERYTHING” from Nora Imlau:

Damn that’s a huge claim. Even if you think trans women should be “included” in the definition most of the time you can still think there’s no need to “include” them in discussion of bluntly physical matters like pregnancy and childbirth and genital mutilation.

It’s so officious, this interrupting of women to shout “INCLUDE MEN WHO CALL THEMSELVES WOMEN” any time anyone has the temerity to talk about women. Who made Nora Imlau, or anyone else, the boss of what women get to talk about when we talk about women?

That just reads like parody, but the rest of her lecturing doesn’t, so I think she means that one literally. Who says it’s “correct” though? Who is the official in charge of all this? How does Imlau know what the official has ruled about how we’re required to talk about women and men who pretend to be women? How can the rest of us take that official to court?

Why? Why is it important to say that?

I can tell you why it’s important not to say that. It’s important because people “with a vulva” have historically been subordinated by people “with a penis,” and if we suddenly can’t call the first set “women” and the second set “men” then we can’t get rid of that subordination. If we’re forced to pretend that some men are women and some women are men, there can’t be any feminism any more.

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