No conflict here, move on

That’s just a pointless headline and a pointless lede.

Women’s and trans rights are not in conflict, says Angela Rayner

That depends on what rights you’re talking about. It’s meaningless to say that without defining anything.

“Women’s rights are not in conflict with trans rights,” Labour’s deputy leader has told a fringe event at the party’s conference.

Depends. Which rights? The right to get on with your life and not face abuse? Sure. The right to compete against women in sport, to take jobs and awards meant for women, to run rape crisis centers? Those are definitely in conflict with women’s rights.

Ms Rayner said it was wrong to suggest there was choice to be made between women’s and trans rights.

No it isn’t. Some men who identify as women are determined to take everything that belongs to women, and delighted to be able to bully and abuse women with the approval of supposedly progressive people.

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