Obscene AND menacing

Rape threats? From a fellow party member? Sorry, not our department.

Joanna Cherry has condemned the “SNP hierarchy” for deserting her after she was bombarded with rape threats by a party member for her stance on gender reforms and trans rights.

There are too many scare quotes in this article. The SNP exists and it has a hierarchy so I don’t see any real reason for the “” other than leaning on one side of the scale.

At Edinburgh sheriff court Grant Karte, 30, was ordered not to contact Cherry for five years and sentenced to a community payback order under which he will be supervised for 15 months.

Cherry, 55, a QC and the MP for Edinburgh South West, said that she was “very disappointed” not to receive “the same support as other women who have suffered abuse”, describing how Karte had sent “a number of menacing and obscene private messages, including threats of sexual violence”.

We know what it’s about of course. Those other women weren’t Evil Terfs. It seems Evil Terfs deserve rape threats.

Karte sent his abusive messages on the evening of February 1 this year, the day [Cherry] was removed from the SNP front bench team at Westminster.

Karte, who is said to have been an SNP member at the time of the threats, admitted offences under the Communications Act 2003. He has previously admitted sending Twitter messages that were “grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character”, repeatedly threatening Cherry.

So many lefty men cannot believe their luck at having a “progressive” excuse to bully and threaten women.

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