One ringy dingy

An old acquaintance continues to contribute to the gaiety of nations.

That’s the erstwhile Jessica Yaniv, of course, after another whimsical name change. It seems there’s a celebrity Jessica Simpson, so no doubt Yaniv will be suing her for impersonation soon.

He did sue his local health service just a couple of weeks ago, so while he was also harassing the Langley fire department. Busy guy.

A Langley woman known for her controversial legal and human rights challenges is now suing Fraser Health and the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) for allegedly breaching her personal health information.

Jessica Simpson, formerly known as Jessica Yaniv, filed a small claims case in Surrey Provincial Court against the two health agencies on Monday, Jan. 18.

And then went home to take a bath and summon the fire department.

Simpson has also been arrested and found guilty of one charge of possession of an unauthorized weapon after she brandished an electric stun gun-style weapon on a YouTube livestream. She was sentenced to probation and a firearms prohibition in September of 2020.

She has also attempted to sue the Township of Langley over her alleged treatment by Langley RCMP after her arrest on the stun gun charge.

Now he can attempt to sue the Township of Langley over his treatment by Langley Fire Services. It’s an exciting life he leads.

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