Our stance is truly “zero tolerance”

More calls to fire and shun people who don’t believe men are women:

AN SNP politician has retweeted a message calling for Joanna Cherry to be expelled from the party.

Kirsty Blackman, the MP for Aberdeen North, appeared to endorse the post amid an ongoing row over trans rights.

Or trans “rights.” The issue gets wildly confused because of the chronic failure to specify which “rights” we’re talking about. Just saying “trans rights” makes it sound as if the issue is basic human rights, when in fact what is contentious is the claim that men who identify as trans have a “right” to invade women’s spaces and take women’s prizes and jobs with no questions asked. It’s not a basic human right to be “validated” as whatever you say you are. If it were we could all identify as the Queen and sleep in her bed.

Ms Blackman retweeted a message from another user which read: “If my party truly stands for trans rights and equality, if our stance is truly ‘zero tolerance’, then it has to start from within. Joanna C must be expelled from the SNP.

“Show the people of Scotland and the rest of the UK that ‘zero tolerance’ means exactly that.”

Yeah, show the world that the SNP has zero tolerance, that sounds like a great idea!

Zero tolerance of what, dumbfuck?

Zero tolerance of ignoring the rage of dumbfucks on Twitter?

The Edinburgh South West MP [Joanna Cherry] was sacked from the SNP’s Westminster front bench in February amid deepening divisions in the party.  

This morning, she tweeted: “As a lesbian & a feminist I’ve spent a lifetime campaigning for equality & to be clear I support trans rights.”

What I don’t support is the right of any man to self-ID as a woman & access the single sex spaces which the #EqualityAct protects for women & girls.”

What I’m saying. I too support trans rights, meaning the same human rights everyone has. I don’t consider it even slightly a “right” to self-ID as a woman and proceed to grab everything that belongs to women – it’s the opposite of a right, an anti-right, a force that steals other people’s rights.

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