People who walk in darkness

Is the impulse (or habit or need) to set people straight about things a necessarily religious one? I don’t think so, I think it’s a lot broader than that, although religion is certainly one area of life where people are encouraged to do it even unto the end of days.

I get what he means, and accept the mockery, but still – I think it’s a broader impulse than he’s implying, and also a more useful one. If you know how to get a fire going better than the people in the next hut over, you’re doing them a favor if you show them your skills.

But, of course, evangelism doesn’t come with a false positives detection kit. The impulse can be to bring people out of darkness into the light of your personal or shared delusion, and that’s not necessarily a benefit.

Or maybe I’m just constructing a rationalization for why I like to argue about nearly everything.

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