Perhaps women need to consider


Yes definitely because the police are always so understanding when people resist arrest, as everyone knows. So stupid of Sarah Everard not to shout “NO!” and flag down a bus (because there is always a bus coming down the street at any given moment, and the drivers always stop for people waving at them nowhere near a bus stop).

The BBC has the aftermath:

A police boss who said women “need to be streetwise” about powers of arrest in the wake of the Sarah Everard case has apologised for his remarks.

North Yorkshire commissioner Philip Allott sparked fury when he said Ms Everard “never should have submitted” to the arrest by her killer

But her killer was a cop. When a cop arrests you…

During Couzens’ sentencing at the Old Bailey, it emerged he had tricked Ms Everard, originally from York, by falsely arresting her for a breach of coronavirus guidelines.

Speaking on BBC Radio York earlier, Conservative Mr Allott said women should be aware this was not an indictable offence – one considered serious enough to warrant a prison sentence or crown court hearing.

And so you just walk away from the cop, and the cop lets you walk away, and everything is just fine.

Nicola Sturgeon tweeted it was not “up to women to fix this”.

“The problem is male violence, not women’s ‘failure’ to find ever more inventive ways to protect ourselves against it. For change to happen, this needs to be accepted by everyone,” she said.

Legal commentator David Allen Green added: “There is not a competent lawyer in the country that would have advised Sarah Everard to resist arrest by a police officer with a warrant card.”

Allott has apologized and withdrawn the comments. I suppose what he was doing was running the scenario in his head and trying to intervene. I think we all do that. If only – if only – if only – if only she had gone another way, if only she had left an hour earlier, if only he had had a flat tire – if only she had realized he couldn’t arrest her for that, and run like hell screaming her head off.

But we can’t intervene in the scenario. We can’t do anything at all.

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