Priss nixes chat

Good bit of No thanks Choss, aka lèse-majesté:

Channel 4 News has turned down an interview with the Prince of Wales after refusing to sign a “draconian” contract with a string of demands including the pre-vetting of all questions and right to control editing.

They don’t half think well of themselves, do they, the royals.

The extremely tight level of control and censorship has not stopped some outlets from broadcasting interviews: Sky News ran an interview late last month covering topics including global warming

Why talk to Choss about global warming though? There are thousands of people who know more about it, so why talk to the son of the daughter of the son of the yadda yadda yadda just because he’s famous and rich?

Channel 4 News felt that it could not conduct an interview under such terms, which included a 15-page contract full of limitations and restrictions. It cancelled an interview with Prince Charles that was due to be conducted by Jon Snow on Sunday at the British ambassador’s residence in Paris, on the eve of the Paris climate change talks.

Silly idea anyway. He’s just a royal. He can use his position to draw attention to the problem, that’s sensible enough, but the detail work should be by people who really know something.

The contractual stipulations surrounding Prince Charles were first made public by the Independent, which cited clauses in the contract such as: if the interviewer goes off script, Clarence House staff present have the right to “intervene and halt filming”.

Diddums is so fragile he has to have staff present?

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