Reframe your trauma

The CEO of Edinburgh Rape Crisis, you may recall, is a man. From the Glinner Update May 5:

Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre has just appointed its new CEO. He’s a man.

But “she” is a man.

Mridul Wadhwa is a trans-identified male. He has no gender recognition certificate so, not only is he biologically male, he’s also legally male.

He was formerly the manager of Forth Valley Rape Crisis Centre, a job he appears to have secured by lying about his sex.

Now he’s telling women how they get to react to their own rapes.

The 56 there is 56 minutes, not seconds, so if you want to hear Wadhwa complaining about mostly cis women seeking rape services that starts at almost an hour in. Yes he really does say that.

The part where he talks about women who show up at the Rape Crisis centre with “prejudices” i.e. who see men as men starts at 1:12:30. At 1:13:56 he says “sexual violence happens to bigoted people as well.” He goes on to tell such women to expect to be challenged.

Great situation here. Women who’ve been raped go to the Edinburgh Rape Crisis centre where the male CEO has made it policy to “challenge” them if they stray from male-centered trans orthodoxy.

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