The respectful debate


Transphobia describes discriminatory or prejudiced language or actions, relating to actual or perceived gender identity, including denying or refusing to accept gender identity.

So there you have it. It’s “transphobia” – which is obviously very wicked indeed – to refuse to accept the new, stupid, dishonest, fantasy-based concept of “gender identity.” We’re not allowed to go on understanding reality on this particular subject, on pain of being accused and convicted of “transphobia.”

We have to agree that men are women if they say they are – always, no matter what, with no exception, no questions allowed – on pain of shunning at best and firing at worst.

We have to accept the new ideology no matter how seriously and energetically we explain that we don’t believe it and can’t believe it, for the simple reason that it’s obviously not true. We can’t not see a man when we do see a man, no matter how thick the makeup is or how frilly the dress is. All we can do is lie, and we’re at a loss to understand why we should be forced to lie about this subject.

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