The response has been incredible

JL at the Glinner Update reported on an attack on feminists in Portsmouth way back last March.

On Saturday afternoon Reclaim These Streets organised an event in Portsmouth to protest male violence against women and campaign for female safety.

Two young feminists taking part in this protest were threatened, taunted and even physically attacked by some of those in attendance.

“You’re protesting violence against women?? We’ll give you some violence against women to protest about!!!”

The two extremely brave young women stood on the Guildhall steps, holding a flag on which was written the dictionary definition of the word ‘woman’. Adult human female.

For this they were vilified and assaulted and the crowd jeered at them.

When the women were eventually forced from the steps, the crowd taunted them, made threatening gestures and shouted “Fuck off, c*nt!” as they walked away.

Compelling argument.

Solidarity forever yeh?

We spoke to Chinzia, one of the two women involved. She told us:

We pulled a stunt to show what is being destroyed, our female sex, our meaning. They charged towards us on the guildhall steps, we were pushed, shoved, while we clung for dear life to the meaning of what we are. I shouted ‘The definition of what a woman is is in our curriculum’. They shouted back, ‘White supremacy is in our schools’.

Councillor Claire Udy encouraged the crowd to shout ‘Terf scum out!’. The crowd did not find it chilling to see men aggressive towards women at a protest against male violence. Young feminists applauded this moment”.

Councillor Claire Udy is an interesting character.

Incidentally, the Claire Udy to whom Chinzia refers is an independent councillor for Portsmouth’s Charles Dickens ward and a vociferous ‘trans ally’. She describes herself as ‘queer’, used to advertise a link to Pornhub in her Twitter bio, and parted company with the Labour Party after being caught out making anti-Semitic comments.

Feminist, lesbian and survivor, Sally Jackson, was also harassed and bullied at the Portsmouth event, seemingly also at the instigation of Claire Udy. The crowed chanted at her and she was called a TERF. After intervention by Udy, she was told by a steward that she may not be able to speak because the organisation she represents (Filia, a group with charitable status which campaigns for women’s rights) is ‘transphobic’.

Way back last March.

Imagine the cognitive dissonance of attending an event to protest male violence against women and then physically attacking, or cheering the attack on, two young women taking part.

Indeed, and yet we keep seeing it, over and over and over.

Here’s Claire Udy on October 7:

In other words stand with us in harassing a feminist conference. Rad!

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