This may sound extreme, but

Oxford graduate student has major meltdown because one person has a different view.

I think by “robust safeguarding” he means not letting Enemies attend, and by “anti-trans interference” he means Enemies attending.

Of course it “sounds extreme,” because it is. Attending an academic event isn’t harassment.

A “panicked” phone call. Because what, he might ask a question?

He says, speaking publicly about it.

In other words the panic was stupid and the event went smoothly, but he must make a big fuss about the presence of An Enemy anyway.

What’s embarrassing about it? For Oxford, that is? I see what’s embarrassing for this fool and his friends, but not for Oxford. And what exactly is “the incident”? A guy they don’t like attended the panel. And?

They deal with “much worse shit” than what? What was bad about what happened? All he’s told us is that he wanted to get a guy he disagrees with barred from attending the panel, and Oxford said nope, and the panel happened and went well. How tragic.

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