With thanks to Asda

Where that “being offensive is a crime” billboard came from:

So apparently they parked outside an Asda with their police state billboard, and had rewarding chats positive discussion with the shoppers – the essential shoppers. I suppose by “essential shoppers” they mean people who were at the shop for essential goods only, not anything frivolous – like having a chat about the illegality of being offensive.

Mostly just women, probably, essential shopping at Asda to pick up the beans on toast, the tea, the chip butties, the Weetabix. That’s good, because women are the people who don’t matter when it comes to being offensive, and the people who need to be punished when anyone says a man is not a woman. Women need the police showing up at their essential shopping, so that they the women can be told how to behave, and the police can feel they’ve made the world less offensive for The Trans Community.


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