Apologies work best when given promptly

Things are not going all that well for Boris Johnson. Now that everyone has been discussing that “work party” for days he has admitted it was a booboo and “apologized” – if it can really be called apologizing when it doesn’t happen until it has been discussed into the ground and out the other side.

The prime minister says he went into the garden of Downing Street on 20 May 2020 to thank staff before going back into his office 25 minutes later.

He says in hindsight he should have sent everyone back inside.

“In hindsight” meaning “now that everybody is screaming at him and won’t shut up.”

He says he should have recognised that even if it could be seen as technically inside the guidance there would be millions who would not see it that way.

The PM ends his statement by offering his “heartfelt apologies” to the House and to those who were not able to see loved ones at the time.

Yes very heartfelt which is why it took him days and days to admit.

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