More than a dozen

Open Democracy adds its lashes to the dead horse.

“When the trans community is discussed in the British media, there is a particular word that crops up again and again,” said Niamh Simpson, a trans illustrator and community organiser from Oxford. “That word is ‘debate’.”

A trans illustrator? So he identifies as an illustrator but actually can’t draw a recognizable stick figure?

“Trans people cannot simply exist. We must justify our existence in the public arena – in a format that is inherently dehumanising because it assumes that a fundamental aspect of our personhood is up for discussion.”

Ha no. “Trans people can’t simply exist” because they have to be always telling us about themselves. Trans people are the last people who want to “simply exist” and get on with their lives in peace – they want the rest of us to devote all our attention to them.

Simpson was one of more than a dozen speakers who addressed a crowd of trans people and allies outside the BBC’s London headquarters on Saturday (8 January), protesting against the broadcaster’s “agenda of hate and discrimination”.

What about the trans agenda of hate and discrimination? The activist wing of trans people is not exactly cuddly or eager to persuade.

2021 was the deadliest year on record for trans people: at least 375 trans, non-binary or gender nonconforming people were murdered worldwide, most of them trans women or transfeminine people of colour. At least 125 of these murders took place in Brazil…

…among trans women who worked in the sex trade. 375 worldwide is not a huge number.

There are several more paragraphs of the same stale flat reheated sludge. It’s almost as if they have nothing to say beyond “oh poor us, pay more attention to us, ignore those bleeding women over there, oh poor us.”

People may eventually get bored with it.

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