Omigod he means ALL women

Is it still 2015?

How original. ALL women, including men. Yes dear, we know, we’ve heard it before. We’ve replied before. It seems a bit dim to be saying that at this late date as if it were a brand new and interesting thought.

Also, big, small, short, tall, aren’t the same kind of modifier as “not.” Big and small women are of course women. Men who call themselves women are not comparable to big or small women for purposes of argument. Men are not women by definition, so no, you can’t just say “Wull small women are women so why can’t men be women?” It’s dumb.

And then “transphobic bile” and “my mentions” – you sound like a teenager. Do you want to sound like a teenager?

Apparently he does.

Inherent dignity has nothing to do with claiming to be something you’re not and then bullying anyone who doesn’t passionately agree with you and talk solemn nonsense about your inherent dignity. Nothing.

“Transphobic rant,” “my mentions” [again!] – it’s all so childish. Maek you look silly. And “summarily” blocked? What, because we were expecting trial by jury? Get over yourself.

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