She couldn’t un-see it

She thought of it, therefore it’s true. Boy does that make fact-checking easy!

She couldn’t unsee “the connection” she made up in her own febrile brain. Well hey, I can play that game too. She posted this article at the height of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, so I can’t un-see the connection. It’s right there, staring me in the face!

Shall we take a look? It’s every bit as stupid and insinuating and jargon-ridden as you’d expect.

Re-centring white victimhood in the age of Black Lives Matter: a ‘gender critical’ project?

Self-proclaimed ‘gender critical’ feminists have grown increasingly loud within the UK political space over recent years.

Sneering in the very first words. How dare we proclaim ourselves gender-critical feminists? What a nerve! We’re supposed to call ourselves evil transphobic cunts, obviously. And we’re “increasingly loud”…says a woman who probably also considers herself a feminist.

The impact of their rhetoric and political action has been and will continue to be devastating for trans people, from the halting of reforms to the Gender Recognition Act despite public support, to ever more intense levels of transphobic violence taking place online and offline.

In short we’re killing trans people with our rude self-proclaimed insistence on talking.

I explore the function of so-called ‘gender critical’ feminism as a reactionary response to anti-racist and decolonial campaigns which aims to both reclaim the centrality of white women as the ultimate victim in public debates, and to divert attention from calls to recognise and address the role of feminist movements in upholding systems of white supremacy and imperialism worldwide.

Blah blah blah. It’s all in the playbook.

“White” feminism on trial again.

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