Urban wildlife

I took my dog friend/client to Union Bay Natural Area this afternoon. It’s on top of what used to be a garbage dump but is now teeming with wildlife.

Union Bay Natural Area | An Escape From City Life in Seattle | Seattle  Bloggers

The trees were bare, unlike in this photo, but you can see what it’s like. On our way in I thought I saw an eagle perched up ahead then decided nah then decided oh, yes it is, and it was. Looking around, and then grooming under a wing. Cooper and I kept going after I watched the eagle for a while, and we were somewhere along this trail in the photo when I saw a couple of swans fly by, and then saw a whole group of them on the water. I counted at least 13, so there are at least 15 hanging out there. I didn’t know they stopped off in Seattle at all. Not too shabby.

I googled later and found a bird watcher’s log: they’re Trumpeter Swans. He saw 16.

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