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Alas poor philosophy

Mar 8th, 2020 5:27 pm | By

Philosopher Jennifer Saul jumps on the “bash Suzanne Moore train:

Suzanne Moore, a columnist at the Guardian, says she identifies as “a woman who won’t go down quietly.” But to many, she’s a trans-exclusionary radical feminist — a TERF. Some say TERF is a slur. It isn’t. But it is a misleading term for anti-trans activists like Moore.

So Suzanne Moore doesn’t get to identify as a woman who won’t go quietly, but men do get to identify as women. Moore is to be doubted and called names, but men who say they are women are to be shielded from those nasty women (like Moore for instance) at all costs. Meet the new feminism, the opposite … Read the rest

Uh oh, there’s a range of views here

Mar 8th, 2020 5:04 pm | By

Alex Massie at the Spectator wonders why so many people who work at the Guardian appear to hate journalism.

That is the first and most glaring conclusion to be drawn from the extraordinary letter signed by 338 Guardian and Observer employees lamenting the paper’s willingness to run a column written by the great Suzanne Moore earlier this week, in which Moore argued that “we have gone through the looking-glass and are being told that sex is a construct” and that “you either protect women’s rights as sex-based or you don’t protect them at all”.

The signatories to the letter sent to Kath Viner, the paper’s editor, deplore what they deem the Guardian’s “pattern of publishing transphobic content” though, vexingly,

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Mar 8th, 2020 12:14 pm | By

Having a reckless ignorant self-dealing fool as president can be dangerous to the health.

On Friday, as coronavirus infections rapidly multiplied aboard a cruise ship marooned off the coast of California, health department officials and Vice President Mike Pence came up with a plan to evacuate thousands of passengers, avoiding the fate of a similar cruise ship, the Diamond Princess, which became a petri dish of coronavirus infections. Quickly removing passengers was the safest outcome, health officials and Pence reasoned.

But Trump didn’t want to do that because it’s all about him.

“Do I want to bring all those people off? People would like me to do it,” Trump admitted at a press conference at the CDC later

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Perfectly coordinated

Mar 8th, 2020 11:19 am | By

Trump isn’t going to like this.

The government’s top infectious disease expert on Sunday said that the coronavirus outbreak is getting worse and warned elderly and sick people to think twice before traveling or circulating in crowds.

The remarks from Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, signaled a change in tone from health officials representing the Trump administration, making it clear that the outbreak is past the point where it can be prevented from spreading or easily tracked. That contrasted with the more measured language from some Trump officials including Vice President Mike Pence.

“Measured” is a flattering word for it. I would call it recklessly minimizing.

“If you get infected, the

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The patriarchy that oppresses us all

Mar 8th, 2020 10:54 am | By

Yet another – sorry, I hope to change the subject after this one.

Yes but that’s a different sense of “defined.” A very different sense. Feminism has not been fighting for over a century for women to stop being women or stop being called women; it has been fighting for women to stop being limited and confined by their sex.

But wait, … Read the rest


Mar 8th, 2020 10:17 am | By

Even the UN.

Not in the other languages, mind – those other women get to keep their name. But Anglophone women? Nah, they’re too second wave and privileged and phobic.

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All in favor

Mar 8th, 2020 10:08 am | By

Oh yes, it’s all about the waves.

Meaning, presumably, that “second wave” feminists (you know, the old stupid out of date washed up wrong boring ones) are all opposed to trans rights.

But what “rights” are we talking about?

It matters, because the gender critical feminists I know are not opposed to trans rights, meaning, the human rights that all people have. What we’re opposed to is the new version of “rights” that includes a mythical right to have one’s personal self-definitions, no matter how counter-factual, accepted and endorsed and “validated” by … Read the rest

Next time don’t take the kids

Mar 7th, 2020 4:30 pm | By


The American Conservative Union announced on Saturday that one of the attendees at last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, has tested positive for coronavirus.

President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and other administration officials attended the conference, though the ACU says the attendee did not come into contact with the president or vice president, nor did they attend events in the main hall.

Ah but the attendee is not necessarily the only attendee carrying the virus. Maybe several people there, or many people there, would test positive if anyone tested them. You never know.

Do I hope Trump is pissing himself right now? Oh you bet I do.

The White House confirmed

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A lot of marching still to do

Mar 7th, 2020 2:58 pm | By

Susan Dalgety in The Scotsman on why women have a right to call ourselves women:

For all the hard-won successes of the first and second waves of feminism, from the right to vote to the right to choose, women and girls are still second-class citizens.

From unequal pay to the US Supreme Court seriously considering whether or not to limit abortion rights, the battle for equality grinds on. Indeed, 50 years after the first Women’s Liberation event held in Oxford, it seems to be getting harder to argue against the patriarchy, especially when it is disguised in high heels and a blonde wig.

I could not have been the only woman of certain age who was aghast on Wednesday

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But WHAT “transphobic content”?

Mar 7th, 2020 10:06 am | By

Oh now what.

What concerns?

Patrick Strudwick at Buzzfeed presents a typically opaque version of events:

Hundreds of staff and contractors at the Guardian have signed a strongly worded letter to the editor in protest of the newspaper’s “pattern of publishing transphobic content”.

Careful, and unhelpful. His use of quotation marks hints that he doesn’t want to defend or even spell out what this “transphobic content” actually is, but he … Read the rest

He likes the numbers where they are

Mar 7th, 2020 9:12 am | By

The Guardian too was unimpressed by Trump’s performance yesterday.

Donald Trump used a freewheeling press conference on Friday, intended to provide updates on the coronavirus, as an opportunity to attack Democrats, praise his own intelligence, lash out at CNN and spread false and misleading information about the status of the outbreak, as a slew of new cases were confirmed aboard a cruise ship off the California coast.

Speaking at the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) main campus in Atlanta, Georgia, while wearing his red “Keep America Great” re-election campaign hat, the president went on a rant criticizing Washington state’s governor, Jay Inslee, as a “snake” and saying he disagreed with his vice-president’s complimentary remarks toward the Democrat. Inslee, who

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Be best

Mar 7th, 2020 8:57 am | By

Trump has a new chief of staff: Tea Party birther Mark Meadows.

With his choice, Trump tapped a lawmaker who was first elected in the post-Tea Party wave of 2012 and served as chairman of the Freedom Caucus. Meadows has been a key Trump ally since 2016 and the two reportedly talk frequently. During the impeachment battle, Trump and Meadows, who was instrumental in designing the president’s defense, talked several times a day.

Meadows also shares something else with the president, a past questioning of former President Barack Obama’s nationality. While campaigning in 2012, Meadows was asked if he would pursue an investigation to find out if Obama really is a citizen. “Yes,” Meadows responded. “If we do our

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The super genius

Mar 6th, 2020 6:23 pm | By

Here’s the bit where he starts babbling about his uncle and about him him him him him. He’s there to talk about a disease outbreak and instead he talks about his alternative career.

Also…that collar.… Read the rest

Yet more lies

Mar 6th, 2020 5:40 pm | By

Pink News tells more lies about non-compliant feminists:

More than 200 feminists have written to British newspaper The Guardian rejecting the argument that transgender rights are a threat to women.

The letter was organised in response to Monday’s column by The Guardian writer Suzanne Moore: “Women must have the right to organise. We will not be silenced.”

But of course Suzanne Moore didn’t say “transgender rights are a threat to women.” Here’s what she did say:

Female oppression is innately connected to our ability to reproduce. Women have made progress by talking about biology, menstruation, childbirth and menopause. We won’t now have our bodies or voices written out of the script. The materiality of having a female body

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But he quickly changed the subject to himself

Mar 6th, 2020 4:55 pm | By

More on Trump’s ridiculous outing to the CDC. (Why did he wear his play clothes to the CDC? His play clothes are for throwing paper towels at people who survived a hurricane, not for visiting a government institution. Nobody else there was in play clothes.)

Trump, wearing his “Keep America Great” campaign hat while discussing the global worry, tried once more to quell growing alarm about the spread of the virus in America. But he quickly ventured into side matters and political squabbles.

Because he has the attention span of a flea.

The president touted the accuracy of the test to detect the coronavirus, which members of his administration have acknowledged is not available to all who wants it,

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Filthy rat

Mar 6th, 2020 4:39 pm | By

Oh did he.

Actually it was even worse than that. He spent a minute and a half explaining how much he hates Inslee, announcing that “he’s not a good governor by the way,” and inventing scenarios in which Inslee would do the wrong thing. It’s a disgusting contemptible sick-making display. The Tacoma News Tribune has video Read the rest

Multifaceted, yes, formless, no

Mar 6th, 2020 11:38 am | By

No really that’s ok we can do this ourselves, we don’t need help. Really. We’re doing it. Your help is not needed or requested. Dude, seriously, back off.

Every woman is a woman, yes, thank you for the tautology. That doesn’t mean that every (or any) man who calls himself a woman is a woman, and in fact, it’s not the case that every (or any) man who calls himself a … Read the rest

You hafta be calm

Mar 6th, 2020 10:49 am | By

And Bozo is doing what they told him to do.

Trump just reiterated his lack of worry about the spread of the novel illness in the US. Perhaps problematic, though is that, to many, he’s coming across as casually dismissive and posturing, not measured, and reassuringly presidential.

“You have to be calm,” he said, at the White House this morning before departing to tour the tornado damage in Tennessee and just after signing an $8.3 billion emergency spending bill to deal with the virus.

And the best way to be calm is to have the government hide the truth from you. Better calm and dead than agitated and alive, right?

“It will go away,” he said. “We have very

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Psst, sir, don’t tell them

Mar 6th, 2020 10:42 am | By

Ok they’re not looking out for our health and safety but at least they are doing everything they can to protect profits.

Another developing nightmare for the White House is growing fears that the travel industry — an important driver of the economy — could face a catastrophic blow as conferences are canceled and families mull whether to hold off on vacation plans.

After United Airlines announced cuts to capacity on domestic and international flights, the CEO of Southwest Airlines warned the domestic carrier may soon make the “gut punch” decision to cut flights owing to a falloff in bookings that started last week.

Trump met airline executives at the White House on Wednesday and they asked him not

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A person like him that’s not mean

Mar 6th, 2020 10:23 am | By

Earlier today:

The Guardian’s David Smith also just asked Donald Trump at the White House what he thought of Elizabeth Warren dropping out of the race for the Democratic nomination yesterday, after a very disappointing performance in the Super Tuesday primaries across 14 states (she did not win any and came third in her home state of Massachusetts).

Boom! Like taking a doctor’s hammer on the knee, those misogynistic Trumpian reflexes shot up.

“I think lack of talent was her problem,” he said, of one of the most talented figures in the Democratic party and the US Senate.

While he is not one of the least talented figures in anything but THE least talented figure in anything.

“She was

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