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Christian Police Association’s ‘Prayer Watch’ *

Aug 3rd, 2006 | Filed by

Police and Christian groups in Lincolnshire plan to fight crime with the ‘power of prayer.’ … Read the rest

Hitchens on Mel Gibson *

Aug 3rd, 2006 | Filed by

‘He spoke this way because of his religion, not just his warped personality.’… Read the rest

Deleuzo-Guattarian Military ‘Operational Theory’ *

Aug 3rd, 2006 | Filed by

‘Naveh references such canonical elements of urban theory as the Situationist practices of dérive.’… Read the rest

‘Faith Crime’ Under Investigation *

Aug 3rd, 2006 | Filed by

Gay Police Association has ’caused offence’ to Christians by linking Bible to homophobic violence.… Read the rest

Jesus and Mo on Religion and Superstition *

Aug 3rd, 2006 | Filed by

Religious people are superstitious! Crimes are committed by criminals! Cat owners have pets!… Read the rest

Arranged Marriages

Aug 3rd, 2006 12:14 am | By

There were some very interesting (and alarming) comments (by one ‘tarxien’) on this post by Sunny on the Brick Lane fuss by (the comments say) a GP who has seen some distressing examples of arranged marriage.

There is a very fine line between ‘arranged’ and ‘forced’…This is an issue I feel strongly about because as a GP working in Tower Hamlets and south London I have seen many desperate, depressed women in ‘arranged marriages’. None of them could be called ‘forced’ in that the women were not tied up and raped as has happened in some cases but you cannot ignore the emotional pressure that is put on young women by their families (i.e fathers in most cases). Once married

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The Health Effects of Illiteracy *

Aug 2nd, 2006 | Filed by

Many researchers describe low literacy as a silent epidemic.… Read the rest

John Gray Welcomes Return of Religion *

Aug 2nd, 2006 | Filed by

‘It is time Paine, Marx and other secular prophets were gently shelved in the stacks.’… Read the rest

Evolution Opponents Lose Kansas Board Majority *

Aug 2nd, 2006 | Filed by

Kansas voters set stage for return of science teaching that broadly accepts theory of evolution.… Read the rest

Wheel Successfully Reinvented *

Aug 2nd, 2006 | Filed by

Postpositivist realists discover what philosophers of science already knew.… Read the rest

Sunny Hundal on the Brick Lane Fuss *

Aug 2nd, 2006 | Filed by

‘This controversy has all the elements of being conjured up and playing along expected lines.’… Read the rest

Optimistic View of Bush’s Stem Cell Veto *

Aug 2nd, 2006 | Filed by

Medical progress has stirred religious and moral objections throughout history.… Read the rest

Oxygen of Publicity

Aug 1st, 2006 9:30 pm | By

How come novelists are so violent? Why are they always running around swinging baseball bats and roughing people up? Are they on steroids or what?

Novelists Salman Rushdie, Hari Kunzru and Lisa Appignanesi have attacked community groups, the police and the media after Ruby Films decided to move shooting of an adaptation of Monica Ali’s Brick Lane out of London’s Tower Hamlets area last week.

Wow. That seems like a lot of people for three unathletic novelists to attack. Did they draw blood?

The criticism follows a march organised by the Campaign Against Monica Ali’s Film Brick Lane yesterday which drew no more than two women and 70 older men. Threats of violence and book-burning failed to materialise.

Ohhhhh, … Read the rest

Ramin Jahanbegloo and Universal Values *

Aug 1st, 2006 | Filed by

‘Cross-cultural learning’ is a more effective method than imposition by force.… Read the rest

Johann Hari on the Brick Lane Fuss *

Aug 1st, 2006 | Filed by

It’s about men silencing women.… Read the rest

When Dry Drunks Go Bad *

Aug 1st, 2006 | Filed by

They drive dangerously and rave about Jews.… Read the rest

Iranian Student Leader Dies in Hunger Strike *

Aug 1st, 2006 | Filed by

Akbar Mohammadi was on hunger strike to demand his release.… Read the rest

Hitchens on Tom Paine *

Aug 1st, 2006 | Filed by

Lincoln used to deploy arguments from The Age of Reason in his disputes with religious sectarians.… Read the rest

Novelists ‘Hit Back’ at Brick Lane Whiners *

Aug 1st, 2006 | Filed by

‘Novelists have attacked community groups, the police and the media.’ Attacked?… Read the rest

Bookburners Don’t Speak for All of Brick Lane *

Aug 1st, 2006 | Filed by

Journalists don’t talk to women, for a start.… Read the rest