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Royal Society on Evolution, Creationism, ID *

Apr 12th, 2006 | Filed by

Some versions of creationism are incompatible with the scientific evidence.… Read the rest

Temporal Lobe Stimulus Triggers Sense of God *

Apr 12th, 2006 | Filed by

In some people; not in others. Dawkins did not find god.… Read the rest

Church Refuses to Serve Transsexual Woman *

Apr 12th, 2006 | Filed by

What she has done, Rev. Maxfield said, runs totally ‘contrary to God’s revealed will.’… Read the rest

So Naomi Wolf Has Found Jesus; This is News? *

Apr 12th, 2006 | Filed by

In all those years as an activist, she’d been neglecting her spirit. Ho hum.… Read the rest

Academics Prefer Hedged, Impersonal Language *

Apr 12th, 2006 | Filed by

Case studies are recorded, data are analysed, concepts are defined, all by an invisible agent.… Read the rest

Ishtiaq Ahmed on National Identity *

Apr 12th, 2006 | Filed by

‘There is always the possibility for manoeuvre in defining identity.’… Read the rest

What Is an Intellectual? *

Apr 12th, 2006 | Filed by

The British are not at all exceptional in suffering from ‘Dreyfus-envy.’… Read the rest

BHL on a Demagoguery Called ‘Youthism’ *

Apr 12th, 2006 | Filed by

Popular opinion is another master, no less capricious, emotional, arbitrary, than the master it corrects.… Read the rest

Free Exercise

Apr 11th, 2006 7:42 pm | By

Well, this ‘Christians suing for right to be intolerant‘ thing is certainly a place where free speech rights (and the ‘free exercise’ clause and reason and religion and quite a few other things) get interesting, or difficult, or both.

Ruth Malhotra went to court last month for the right to be intolerant. Malhotra says her Christian faith compels her to speak out against homosexuality. But the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she’s a senior, bans speech that puts down others because of their sexual orientation. Malhotra sees that as an unacceptable infringement on her right to religious expression. So she’s demanding that Georgia Tech revoke its tolerance policy. With her lawsuit, the 22-year-old student joins a growing campaign to

Read the rest

John Sutherland Interviews Lewis Wolpert *

Apr 11th, 2006 | Filed by

If religion is a result of the way our brains are wired, all the more reason to question the truth of our beliefs.… Read the rest

Royal Society on Creationism in Schools *

Apr 11th, 2006 | Filed by

Belief that Earth was formed in 4004 BC not consistent with evidence from geology, astronomy, physics.… Read the rest

James Buchan on Adam Smith *

Apr 11th, 2006 | Filed by

The Adam Smith of the neo-conservative right has abolished not just history but also morality. … Read the rest

School Head Cross About ‘Faith’ Schools *

Apr 11th, 2006 | Filed by

Government warns of religious division and fundamentalism but approves ‘faith’ schools. … Read the rest

Bunting Keeps Flailing Away at Enlightenment *

Apr 11th, 2006 | Filed by

Frets at self-righteous certainty, gobsmacking ignorance, irrational bogeymen.… Read the rest

Christians Sue for Right to be Intolerant *

Apr 11th, 2006 | Filed by

Christian Legal Society forms a national group to challenge tolerance policies in federal court.… Read the rest

Disputation and Obedience

Apr 10th, 2006 8:24 pm | By

Todd Gitlin asks a searching question:

Sects are always in need of heretics to blame, expel and punish. First, fervor takes hold, then rigidity. Righteousness dictates uniformity. Dissent seems dangerous, even treasonous. The spirit hardens: You’re either with us or with the evildoers…Why is the left so determined to eat its own? Sometimes it can be explained as the fervor of fighters determined to root out impurities.

Indeed – and the fervor of fighters determined to root out impurities is a very scary thing. And before I get all righteous, I should note that I probably have a tendency that way myself. Perhaps a strong one. There are quite a few ‘impurities’ that I want, if not to root … Read the rest

The Passion Of Amartya Sen *

Apr 10th, 2006 | Filed by

‘We can be more than one kind of person, given different contexts, avers our argumentative Indian.’… Read the rest

Misguided ‘Respect’ for Traditions *

Apr 10th, 2006 | Filed by

Aisha begged child-protection authorities for help; not wishing to be seen as culturally insensitive, they refused.… Read the rest

There is Nothing ‘Protective’ About Child Marriage *

Apr 10th, 2006 | Filed by

Feudalism, exploitation, caste hierarchy, patriarchy, tradition, seeing girls as slave labour.… Read the rest

‘The Next Person to be Killed is Shirin Ebadi’ *

Apr 10th, 2006 | Filed by

Through this belief – that the intellectuals had abandoned God – they justified the killings as religious duty.… Read the rest