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Little method

Jul 13th, 2018 8:27 am | By

Not surprisingly, many European leaders have decided Trump is not so much a calculating enemy as an out of control lunatic moron.

Trump’s wildly unpredictable performance over two days in Brussels left many European leaders convinced that there is little method to the American president’s rhetorical madness, and simply no way to anticipate what he might do next.

“Nobody knows when Trump is doing international diplomacy and when he is doing election campaigning in Montana,” Danish defense minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen said. “It is difficult to decode what policy the American president is promoting. There is a complete unpredictability in this, and one of the things you need in this alliance is predictability towards Russia.”

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The insults continued for page after lurid page

Jul 13th, 2018 8:07 am | By

It’s going very well, very well.

Donald Trump, straight-talking disruptor-in-chief, grants an interview to the Sun, a newspaper in so many ways the US president’s natural forum. The interviewer’s 10-minute slot stretches to 28; the interviewee is clearly enjoying himself, and the resulting headlines – “May has wrecked Brexit”, “US trade deal is off” – appear slap-bang in the middle of the prime minister’s grand opening effort to convince him of the contrary.

The insults continued for page after lurid page, including dismissive comments about the prime minister’s new plan for Brexit (“I think the deal is not what the people voted on”); about Theresa May’s conduct of the negotiations (“I actually told Theresa May how to do

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A Yank abroad

Jul 13th, 2018 7:54 am | By

Yes that’s a good look.

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Poor Brenda

Jul 12th, 2018 4:48 pm | By

Trump thinks he’s popular in the UK.

Even as the president’s aides choreographed a visit designed to have Mr. Trump spend as little time as possible in London and to keep him out of sight of any protests, he seemed unfazed.

“I think it’s fine,” Mr. Trump said at a news conference in Brussels before setting off for a two-day working visit to England followed by a weekend in Scotland.

“They like me a lot in the U.K.,” he added. “They agree with me on immigration. I’m going to a pretty hot spot right now, a lot of resignations.”

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Wut thatt

Jul 12th, 2018 4:09 pm | By

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Portland Place tomorrow

Jul 12th, 2018 12:31 pm | By

Southall Black Sisters is out there protesting Donald.

Here is our banner that we have created especially for Women’s March London #BringTheNoise march, we are meeting at Portland Place from 11 onwards tomorrow, march moves off at 12.30. Join us! We stand in solidarity with all those who will be protesting against Trump’s visit to the UK. In the interlinked and globalised world we live in, Trump as the so-called leader of the so-called free world, isriding a tsunami of racism and misogyny which normalises the resurgence of right wing extremism which we are witnessing across Europe and indeed the world. The intolerable separation of migrant families from their children is not simply going on in the US

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Stable geniosity

Jul 12th, 2018 11:54 am | By

Trump continued his spoiled brat routine all the way to the end.

Even as he declared that the American commitment to the trans-Atlantic alliance “remains very strong” ahead of his summit meeting next week with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, he continued to assail close partners and further strain diplomatic relations.

In the closing hours of the two-day gathering in Brussels with leaders of the other NATO nations, he forced a last minute emergency meeting to address his grievances over spending. Then he called a news conference to claim credit for having pressured NATO members to boost their defense budgets “like they never have before.”

That claim was quickly dismissed by the leaders of both Italy and France, who

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How nice

Jul 12th, 2018 11:03 am | By

Oh good god.

A nice note from that nice Mister Kim. Isn’t that nice. Isn’t that nice? It’s so nice. It’s so nice it’s very nice. It’s nice when notes are nice. I like nice things. Nice things are nice. Great progress being made!… Read the rest

After facing a backlash

Jul 12th, 2018 10:24 am | By

The pitfalls of being woke:

Dundee’s children and families convener has apologised after being blasted over a series of expletive-laden outbursts on social media.

Not just expletives though. “Expletive” is a bit of a euphemism, as so many words that name this behavior are. There is swearing, and then there is…that thing there is no one word for, that is about expressing hatred of people for being female or not white or lesbian or gay or foreign and so on. Saying fuck is one thing, and calling people cunts or niggers is another. The Dundee guy did both.

Councillor Gregor Murray launched into a stream of explicit tirades on Saturday following reports of an anti-trans protest at a London

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Problem child

Jul 12th, 2018 6:48 am | By

So it all went very well, apparently.

NATO diplomats are dumbfounded by President Donald Trump’s barrage of acidic rhetoric at the annual summit in Brussels on Wednesday.

Trump came out brawling in his first public comments, accusing NATO ally Germany of being “a captive of Russia,” calling members of the alliance “delinquent” in their defense spending and insisting they increase it “immediately.”

“It’s like the world has gone crazy this morning,” one senior European diplomat told CNN. “Trump’s performance was beyond belief.”

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The shirt off her back, and their lives

Jul 11th, 2018 5:22 pm | By

Wendi Winters fought back.

Janel Cooley, a survivor of the shooting that killed Winters and four others, spoke about her experience for the first time in an interview with The Capital. She said she watched from under her desk as the 20-year newspaper veteran rose to meet her attacker.

Winters charged forward holding a trash can and recycling bin, said Cooley, a sales consultant. Winters shouted something like, “No! You stop that!” or “You get out of here!” like she was warding off an unwanted dog.

“She may have distracted him enough that he forgot about me because I definitely stood up and was looking at the door,” Cooley said. “I’m sure he wasn’t expecting … anyone to charge

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Some employees were offended by the column

Jul 11th, 2018 4:48 pm | By

The Daily Beast reports:

Business Insider removed a post about portrayals of trans individuals in Hollywood after staff complained internally about the column, saying the article did not meet the publication’s standards.

On Friday, conservative columnist Daniella Greenbaum published a piece titled: “Scarlett Johansson is being unfairly criticized for doing her job after being cast as a transgender man.”

Several Business Insider staff told The Daily Beast that some employees were offended by the column.

The publication took down the piece on Friday, and appended an editor’s note to the page on Tuesday saying that “Business Insider removed the column because, upon further review, we decided it did not meet our editorial standards.”

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To be as rude and offensive as possible

Jul 11th, 2018 4:06 pm | By

The Daily Beast is harsher.

The explosion was almost instantaneous—over breakfast, no less—at the beginning of this year’s NATO summit in Brussels. With cameras switched on, and no question they were recording, Donald Trump told his Atlantic Alliance counterparts that Germany is “totally controlled by Russia.” Berlin buys from Moscow more and more of the natural gas it uses. So, in one of his trademark versions of common sense, which commonly ignores basic history and fundamental facts, he asked why the U.S. should spend a lot of money to defend Germany from Russia if Germany was dependent on Russia for energy. Trump incorrectly inflated Germany’s reliance on Russian energy to convey, yet again, a picture of

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Kelly wanted eggs bacon and spam

Jul 11th, 2018 3:51 pm | By

Trump is at the NATO meeting embarrassing us all, as usual.

President Trump kicked off his trip to Europe with a biting critique of the United States’ longtime allies, declaring at a breakfast meeting that Germany “is captive to Russia.” Next to him, three of his senior officials seemed uncomfortable at times, pursing their lips and glancing away from the table.

I watched the video this morning, feeling ill as always – he looks like an intrusion, an eruption, a mistake. He looks like the one person in the room who does not belong there – a passing Tupperware marketer who wandered in by mistake.

In the clip shown above, Trump begins by citing German imports of

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Kavanaugh the carpool dad

Jul 11th, 2018 10:48 am | By

Why on earth would the Washington Post run a piece by a carpool buddy of Brett Kavanaugh’s letting us know what a super-nice guy he is?

When I saw the title I honest to god thought it was satire:

I don’t know Kavanaugh the judge. But Kavanaugh the carpool dad is one great guy.

It sure looks like satire, doesn’t it, but she’s serious.

Her qualification for writing the piece is that she lives in Chevy Chase.

Much has been written about Brett Kavanaugh as President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, but the discussion has focused on his record as a federal judge and in his legal career. I’d like to talk about him as Coach K. Like the

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Jul 10th, 2018 11:51 am | By

They can dish it out but they can’t take it.

Americans in the UK have been warned to “keep a low profile” during this week’s visit of their president, Donald Trump, as the US embassy in London says demonstrations against the event could turn violent.

Oh  yes, definitely, and when they do turn violent they will attempt to exterminate Americans. Furthermore, all Americans in the UK are visibly unmistakably American, thanks to the neon YANK sign they are required to have permanently screwed onto their heads as a condition of entry. It’s a scary scary scary time to be a person of USitude in the UK.

“Be aware of your surroundings [and] exercise caution if unexpectedly in the vicinity

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The wildlife that lives in the Great Basin

Jul 10th, 2018 11:13 am | By

Raw Story in January 2016:

In a Raw Story exclusive, former and current employees of the Malheur Refuge have provided new revelations on the conflict between Dwight and Steve Hammond, two local ranchers who have clashed with federal government agencies for decades. The employees claim the Hammonds illegal grazing was damaging the refuge that’s home to 320 bird and 58 mammal species. They allege the Hammonds lawbreaking ranged from aerial hunting of animals in the refuge to death threats against employees and their families to cattle grazing that was altering the entire species composition of critical ecosystems.

The beef the Hammonds currently have with the feds is over access to land under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of

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History being whitewashed

Jul 10th, 2018 10:54 am | By

Peter Walker on Facebook:

I have no personal stakes here but I deeply dislike history being whitewashed. People who are the “salt of the earth” don’t threaten federal employees to “tear your head off and sh– down the hole,” nor do they say if they don’t get their way someone better “call the sheriff and an undertaker.”

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They hate the feds so we loves them

Jul 10th, 2018 9:29 am | By

Law? What law? Trump is all the law anyone will ever need. He’s pardoned the Hammonds.

President Trump on Tuesday pardoned a pair of Oregon cattle ranchers who had been serving out sentences for arson on federal land — sentences that set off an armed occupation of a wildlife refuge in 2016.

Dwight L. Hammond, now 76, and his son, Steven D. Hammond, 49, became a cause célèbre that inspired an antigovernment group’s battle with the federal government over its control of rural land in Oregon. The occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge resulted in the death of a rancher from Arizona.

And a lot of damage to our publicly-owned national wildlife refuge by some violent reactionaries … Read the rest

Held arbitrarily

Jul 10th, 2018 8:32 am | By

Liu Xia is free at last. HRW reports:

The Chinese government permitted Liu Xia, the widow of dissident Liu Xiaobo, to board a plane to Germany on the morning of July 10, 2018, nearly a year to the day since her husband’s death, Human Rights Watch said today. The German government negotiated Liu Xia’s release, whose health significantly deteriorated during nearly eight years of house arrest.

“It is a tremendous relief that Liu Xia has been able to leave China for freedom abroad,” said Sophie Richardson, China director at Human Rights Watch. “Ever since her late husband received the Nobel Peace Prize while in a Chinese prison, Liu Xia was also unjustly detained. The German government deserves credit

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