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The inner feeling

Feb 19th, 2020 8:04 am | By

Mo transitions.

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“Never apologize.”

Feb 18th, 2020 5:21 pm | By

Of course he did.

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said President Trump called him to say he should not backtrack on comments he made about Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s electability as a gay man.

“Hell, the president even called me about this!” Limbaugh said Monday on his show. “He said, ‘Rush, I just got to tell you something. Never apologize. Don’t ever apologize.'”

Which is all you really need to know about him. His core philosophy of life is to be indifferent to the needs of other people, to put himself first no matter what, to be a shit and to defend being a shit, to go on being a shit no matter what.… Read the rest

Power swing

Feb 18th, 2020 4:59 pm | By

Who is Joe Grogan? According to his Twitter bio:

Assistant to the President & Director of the Domestic Policy Council Tweets may be archived:

Which is kind of creepy since he apparently thinks of most of us as an occupying enemy.

Power swing? What does that mean – that Trump and his goons will be shooting at people?

God I wish this were over.

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A senior Labour figure is flat-out denying scientific truth

Feb 18th, 2020 4:35 pm | By

Brendan O’Neill is wrong about most things but not about the hot new trend of pretending reality can be altered by saying a magic word or two.

Imagine if a politician went on TV and said ‘The Earth is flat’. Or ‘Man didn’t really land on the Moon, you know’. We would worry about that politician’s fitness for public life. Well, Dawn Butler has just done the trans equivalent of that. She appeared on Good Morning Britain yesterday and said babies are born without a sex.

There are a lot of things you could say that about. Babies are born without a language. Babies are born without a religion. Babies are born without a driver’s license. Babies are born … Read the rest

It’s all about the misgendering

Feb 18th, 2020 12:12 pm | By

The Nation piece the ACLU shared is by Dave Zirin, who does not have any personal stake in whether or not girls and women can continue to compete against other girls and women without an admixture of some boys and men who “identify as” women. He’ll be fine either way.

Naturally his piece reflects that indifference.

There is a right-wing campaign afoot using the presence of transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming women in sports as a stalking horse to attack the already limited and precarious civil rights held by the trans community.

That’s just a lie about “gender nonconforming women.” Nobody objects to gender nonconforming women in sport or on women’s teams. Nobody.

Around the country, legislation is being introduced

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Which rights though?

Feb 18th, 2020 11:57 am | By

The ACLU is still at it.

The image doesn’t really help them make their case – it comes across as a threat rather than a brave expression of solidarity. Miller and Yearwood are both conspicuously much bigger than the girls on the girls’ team, so the image just looks as if they’re going to run over us.… Read the rest

Pardon pardon pardon pardon

Feb 18th, 2020 11:46 am | By

Trump is having an explosion of pardoning convicted rich corrupt white dudes today, when he’s not too busy pumping out illiterate tweets.

He’s commuted the sentence of Rod Blagojevich, the guy who tried to sell Obama’s Senate seat for $$$$.

But Trump knows better.

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Feb 18th, 2020 10:35 am | By

The purification continues.

And what are transphobes? Whatever the loudest trans activist says they are, of course.

So feminist women who are “ideological” in the sense of continuing to think that women … Read the rest

Her team has clarified

Feb 18th, 2020 10:23 am | By

It gets so wearying, watching political figures – people who directly affect our lives in many ways, or who aspire to – mouthing the nonsense as if it were just ordinary fact-based language. The weariness washed over me reading about Rebecca Long-Bailey’s “clarification” in the New Statesman:

Rebecca Long-Bailey’s team has clarified the Labour leadership contender’s position on same-sex spaces and the Equality Act 2010 to the New Statesman following her interview with Andrew Marr yesterday.

Long-Bailey supports reform of the 2004 Gender Recognition Act (GRA) to allow for trans people to self-identify as their preferred gender, as do all the candidates for the Labour leadership. Her team has clarified, however, that she would not reform the 2010 Equality

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There is no pure Within

Feb 18th, 2020 10:02 am | By

Jo Bartosch writes:

The markers of masculinity and femininity are not ‘inside us’, as internal essences which we express, and then demand that the outside world recognise as our true selves. Rather, gender identities surround us, in the messages, images and expectations we are born and then socialised into, as social animals. We may be born male or female, but we become feminine or masculine.

That. It’s one reason it’s so annoying when people drone on about their inner sense of being the sex they’re not – this clueless, childish lack of awareness of socialization. How can anybody possibly know that her/his “feeling” about something external and factual is 100% internal as opposed to being a product of many … Read the rest

There’s a trans girl who is sad

Feb 17th, 2020 5:29 pm | By


That’s Julia Long asking the question.

Lisa Nandy says firmly “I believe fundamentally in people’s right to self-ID.”

She doesn’t though. She doesn’t believe in people’s right to self-identify as Lisa Nandy for instance (apart from the few people who really are named Lisa Nandy). She doesn’t believe in people’s right to self-identify as the rightful occupants of her house. She doesn’t believe in people’s right … Read the rest

The royal touch

Feb 17th, 2020 4:46 pm | By


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Not a good look for the party

Feb 17th, 2020 4:27 pm | By

Andrew Sabiski is out.

Andrew Sabisky, who was brought into Downing Street by Johnson’s senior aide Dominic Cummings as part of his appeal for “misfits and weirdos”, became the subject of intense media scrutiny after details emerged of his views on subjects ranging from black people’s IQs to whether benefits claimants should be encouraged to have fewer children.

But amid mounting criticism within the Conservative party after No 10 stood by the appointment, Sabisky said that he would be stepping down as a “contractor” to No 10.

He tweeted: “The media hysteria about my old stuff online is mad but I wanted to help [the government] not be a distraction. Accordingly I’ve decided to resign as a

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The misfits and weirdos roster

Feb 17th, 2020 11:29 am | By

I guess we’ll have to start paying attention to this Andrew Sabisky fella.

Downing Street has refused to condemn controversial past remarks on pregnancies, eugenics and race reportedly made by a new adviser.

This appears to be why Dawkins was musing aloud about eugenics yesterday, with such stimulating results.

Labour said Andrew Sabisky should be sacked for suggesting black people had lower average IQs than white people and compulsory contraception could prevent “creating a permanent underclass”.

Compulsory contraception for…whom? The parents of the future permanent underclass? How would he know which those were, exactly? Cue Dawkins explaining that it would totally work and we shouldn’t confuse that fact with whether it’s a good idea or not.

Mr Sabisky, appointed

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Born without a sex

Feb 17th, 2020 11:15 am | By

Dawn Butler tells us children are born without a sex. Yes really: she said that.

It’s at 1:08 that she says it.… Read the rest

Barr thinks one person IS above the law

Feb 17th, 2020 11:01 am | By

Donald Ayer was a Deputy Attorney General under George Bush 1 and he sees how crooked Barr is. It’s pathetic that Trump’s army pretend they don’t.

Beginning in March with his public whitewashing of Robert Mueller’s report, which included powerful evidence of repeated obstruction of justice by the president, Barr has appeared to function much more as the president’s personal advocate than as an attorney general serving the people and government of the United States. Among the most widely reported and disturbing events have been Barr’s statements that a judicially authorized FBI investigation amounted to “spying” on the Trump campaign, and his public rejection in December of the inspector general’s considered conclusion that the Russia probe was properly initiated

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If you think it’s “unfair”

Feb 17th, 2020 9:35 am | By

No shit, Sherlock.

That’s right, I don’t think trans girls are girls. I think they’re boys who think they “feel like” girls or feel better thinking of themselves as girls or various other explanations of that kind. I don’t think any of that is the same as literally being a girl. I also don’t think there’s anything surprising or weird in my view on the matter.

I also think there are some “trans girls” who are simply pretending in … Read the rest

Stepford MPs

Feb 17th, 2020 9:24 am | By

Good grief.

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His inflammatory language

Feb 17th, 2020 8:52 am | By

The Washington Post suggests that Trump influences people:

Two kindergartners in Utah told a Latino boy that President Trump would send him back to Mexico, and teenagers in Maine sneered “Ban Muslims” at a classmate wearing a hijab. In Tennessee, a group of middle-schoolers linked arms, imitating the president’s proposed border wall as they refused to let nonwhite students pass. In Ohio, another group of middle-schoolers surrounded a mixed-race sixth-grader and, as she confided to her mother, told the girl: “This is Trump country.”

Since Trump’s rise to the nation’s highest office, his inflammatory language — often condemned as racist and xenophobic — has seeped into schools across America. Many bullies now target other children differently than they

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They’ll frighten the horses

Feb 16th, 2020 4:44 pm | By

Maybe they should just drug them, or lock them up?

News from New Zealand:

Girls who want to wear pants or shorts at a Southland high school have to see a guidance counsellor first.

James Hargest College in Invercargill is in the process of updating its uniform but in the meantime, girls who want to wear unisex pants or shorts must have it cleared by their parents. To do that, they are required to visit a counsellor.

But wearing trousers is just…wearing trousers. I do it every day without any counseling at all.

Principal Andy Wood said the talk with a guidance counsellor first was to make sure they had “thought through the possible reactions of other kids” if

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