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Trump confirms

Mar 22nd, 2020 5:31 pm | By

It’s true about Trump’s letter to Kim.

Washington and California and New York have to wait until most of us are dead, but that nice Mister Kim is a whole other story.… Read the rest

He’s not called Rand for nothing

Mar 22nd, 2020 5:28 pm | By

Rand Paul’s colleagues are not happy that he went scampering around the Senate for days after being exposed to C19 and taking a test.

Jake Tapper has the details:

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His usual lie

Mar 22nd, 2020 5:10 pm | By

Trump did another rally packed with lies about the pandemic this afternoon.

He couldn’t just say “veterans’ hospitals,” he had to repeat a chronic … Read the rest

What’s that about shortcomings?

Mar 22nd, 2020 2:01 pm | By

Kiss the ring or die.

“should you fail”…meaning, we’ll stand here and watch while you’re swamped by the pandemic, and then we’ll bury you. Are we generous or what?!… Read the rest

At the GOP lunch

Mar 22nd, 2020 1:55 pm | By

So Rand Paul has exposed a bunch of senators to the virus.

No social distancing for him, I guess. … Read the rest

You have to be a person

Mar 22nd, 2020 11:48 am | By

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What the evidence is

Mar 22nd, 2020 11:20 am | By

Oh those unique challenges:

In a new interview with New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, Dr. Anthony Fauci opened up about the unique challenges of serving on President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force. The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases called it “kind of funny but understandable that people said, ‘What the hell’s the matter with Fauci?’ because I had been walking a fine line.”

I.e. not yelping “Wait, sir, that’s wrong” when Trump babbles about game-changing treatments.

“I’ve been telling the president things he doesn’t want to hear. I have publicly had to say something different with what he states,” he continued, explaining that he’s engaged in “risky business” but insisting that Trump

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Seaside idyll

Mar 22nd, 2020 11:09 am | By

Back to the orca in the swimming pool.

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Dorothea and Will discuss the meaning of life

Mar 22nd, 2020 10:58 am | By

We need something non-pandemic-related, or at least I do. A tweet by a philosopher reminded me of a passage in Middlemarch, so seeing as how it’s long out of copyright I’ll just share it. From chapter 39:

Dorothea felt wretched. She thought her husband altogether in the wrong, on more grounds than Will had mentioned.

“It is better for us not to speak on the subject,” she said, with a tremulousness not common in her voice, “since you and Mr. Casaubon disagree. You intend to remain?” She was looking out on the lawn, with melancholy meditation.

“Yes; but I shall hardly ever see you now,” said Will, in a tone of almost boyish complaint.

“No,” said Dorothea, turning … Read the rest

When a briefing is not a briefing

Mar 22nd, 2020 9:02 am | By

Margaret Sullivan at the Post reminded us yesterday that Trump isn’t issuing health information, he’s campaigning and vanity-pumping.

More and more each day, President Trump is using his daily briefings as a substitute for the campaign rallies that have been forced into extinction by the spread of the novel coronavirus.

It must be awful for him. He loved those rallies – you could tell by watching him for a few seconds (all a sane person can stand). He’s different when he’s performing at those things: he’s no less stupid, of course, but he’s far more fluent and relaxed. He’s at home there, the crowd gives him a high. They assure him that he’s funny and truth-telling and tuff, kind … Read the rest

The fundamental human right to go to a restaurant

Mar 22nd, 2020 7:56 am | By

Trump is retweeting like a rabid squirrel – he’s helping! he’s doing things! he’s busy! – and this is one of the things he saw fit to retweet during this developing pandemic:

Emergency measures during a pandemic threaten our sacred FREEDOM!… Read the rest

I didn’t do it, they did it!

Mar 21st, 2020 3:40 pm | By

If this is true it’s the craziest thing yet. The Daily Beast:

The White House is launching a communications plan across multiple federal agencies that focuses on accusing Beijing of orchestrating a “cover-up” and creating a global pandemic, according to two U.S. officials and a government cable obtained by The Daily Beast.

The cable, sent to State Department officials Friday, lays out in detail the circumstances on the ground in China, including data on coronavirus cases and deaths, the local business environment and transportation restrictions. But it also issues guidelines for how U.S. officials should answer questions on, or speak about, the coronavirus and the White House’s response in relation to China.

The “guidelines”=blame China.

“Chinese Communist Party officials

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Trump says the single-use masks can be re-used

Mar 21st, 2020 11:31 am | By

Next part of the press conference rally:

Why? Why is that preferable? If that’s preferable why have a Defense Production Act at all? The whole point is that in an emergency it’s not preferable. In an emergency some things have to be mandated.

He’s … Read the rest

Walmart’s ok

Mar 21st, 2020 10:44 am | By

Daniel Dale also taking notes.

He had a call with the hospital system. Cool.

That’s the important thing. That’s what we want to know about.

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If only he could read

Mar 21st, 2020 10:27 am | By

Trump is doing another press briefing – not because we’re in a crisis but because he can’t do rallies and he needs his attention fix.

The “wut” is: “an example of the…pair no rickard, which…”

Yeah, no idea.

Because what we need right now is more religion.

Earlier today…

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Murderous fool

Mar 21st, 2020 9:16 am | By

I guess Bonehead is really mad that Fauci dared to set him straight on how drugs are tested yesterday.

He wants us to understand that he knows better. Fauci is just a pen-pusher, Trump has INSIGHT.

“But sir, it hasn’t been tested yet and – “


Holy contagion

Mar 21st, 2020 9:08 am | By

Well there’s another several thousand people infected.

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Luvvies eating media people at the gastro lunch

Mar 20th, 2020 5:52 pm | By

Brendan O’Neill must be parodying himself.

The pubs are being closed. Oh noes, the backbone of Britain, remember the Blitz, where were you when the old King threw the first football/cricket ball/crumpet.

The barmaid tells us she isn’t sure if they will close at 8 or 10 this evening. ‘We are awaiting government instructions’. I can’t believe what I am hearing. I feel like I am in North Korea. British governments don’t close down pubs, right? Not pubs.

North Korea. Self-parody; has to be.

It is almost too depressing for words. I know that media people and luvvies for whom pubs are just places you go to for a hip gastro lunch consisting of overpriced dirty burgers will

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2500 refugees

Mar 20th, 2020 3:24 pm | By

World Central Kitchen posted on February 3:

WCK’s Chef Relief Team first opened a kitchen at the US southern border in Tijuana, Mexico in November 2018. Families, including many children, are fleeing violence, poverty, and instability in places like El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Once the refugees get to the border to apply for asylum, they can be forced to wait up to a year for their case to be heard. Due to financial challenges or safety concerns, many families are unable to return home, leaving them stuck at the border while they wait.

More than a year after setting up our first kitchen in Tijuana, we have opened a second location to cook for and serve refugees

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We don’t know it yet

Mar 20th, 2020 2:40 pm | By

Sixty EIGHTY years ago the US had Roosevelt. Now we have an evil egomaniacal clown.

In an extraordinary exchange on Friday, President Donald Trump viciously attacked an NBC News reporter who asked what his message would be to Americans who are frightened by the coronavirus pandemic that is spreading across the country.

Moments later, Kaitlan Collins, a White House correspondent for CNN, asked Trump if it was appropriate to embark on tirades against members of the news media during a public health crisis.

“You see yourself as a wartime President right now, leading the country through a pandemic that we are experiencing,” Collins noted. “Do you think going off on Peter, going off on a network is appropriate

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