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Parents of Shafilea Ahmed jailed for life for her murder *

Aug 3rd, 2012 | Filed by

The judge told them: “Your concern about being shamed in your community was greater than the love of your child.”… Read the rest

Germany: Catholic bishop calls for blasphemy law *

Aug 2nd, 2012 | Filed by

“Those who injure the souls of believers with scorn and derision must be put in their place and in some cases also punished,” he said.… Read the rest

Jared Diamond on Romney’s misunderstanding of his book *

Aug 2nd, 2012 | Filed by

Will Romney continue to espouse one-factor explanations for multicausal problems, and fail to understand history and the modern world? Probably.… Read the rest

Pakistan: girl, 13, tortured to death in “exorcism” *

Aug 2nd, 2012 | Filed by

Her parents had taken the girl to the pir ‘to evict djinns who had possessed her’.  Her skin was burnt with a hot iron rod and she was suffocated.… Read the rest

Jim Underdown on hatred, threats, harassment directed at women *

Aug 2nd, 2012 | Filed by

“Maybe we can save the witty jabs for our real enemies like Sylvia Browne, homeopathy, and Power Balance Bracelets.”… Read the rest

NY Times on sexual harassment in online gaming *

Aug 2nd, 2012 | Filed by

“We are a real mass medium, and we have a real effect on the culture. We have to take a step beyond this idea that nothing we could possibly do could hurt people.”… Read the rest

Gore Vidal 1925-2012 *

Aug 1st, 2012 | Filed by

He could always be counted on for a spur-of-the-moment aphorism, putdown or sharply worded critique of American foreign policy.… Read the rest

Mali government denounces stoning as ‘dark-age practice’ *

Jul 31st, 2012 | Filed by

The hardline Islamists on Sunday placed an unmarried couple in holes in the ground and stoned them to death in front of about 200 people.… Read the rest

“Adulterous” couple stoned to death in northern Mali *

Jul 31st, 2012 | Filed by

Witnesses said the couple were buried up to their necks, then pelted with stones until they died.… Read the rest

Turkish women march for abortion rights *

Jul 31st, 2012 | Filed by

Renewed debate over abortion rights in Turkey has women wondering whether gender equality is being left behind.… Read the rest

Saudi Arabia pitches hijab fit at Olympics *

Jul 31st, 2012 | Filed by

The International Judo Federation said Wojdan Shaherkani must fight without the hijab for safety reasons, so the Saudis threatened to withdraw her.… Read the rest

Laurie Penny and Martin Robbins on talking to men about sexism *

Jul 31st, 2012 | Filed by

So what you’re saying is that men are socialised to feel bad if they don’t participate in a culture that hurts and objectifies women?… Read the rest

Pussy riot rockers could get 7 years in prison *

Jul 30th, 2012 | Filed by

They pleaded not guilty to the official charges of hooliganism driven by “religious hatred” for performing a punk prayer in Moscow’s main cathedral.… Read the rest

A big celebration of patriarchal tradition *

Jul 30th, 2012 | Filed by

Taslima Nasreen on the festival of Raksha Bandhan or the bond of protection. Sisters pray for brothers; brothers promise to protect sisters.… Read the rest

Xian School rejects toddler because his fathers are gay *

Jul 30th, 2012 | Filed by

The rejection letter said the school is private and thus exempt from “excessive government interference in matters of religion.”  It will get $60,000+ from feds this year.… Read the rest

Philosophers propose boycott of all-male conferences *

Jul 29th, 2012 | Filed by

“One non-trivial way in which the status quo replicates and reinforces itself is through conferences and edited volumes that have only male, invited keynote-speakers.”… Read the rest

Kyle Sandilands isn’t going to change *

Jul 29th, 2012 | Filed by

An organisation which earns millions isn’t going to become less sexist or “edgy” when there’s no profit in doing so.… Read the rest

Are climate sceptics more likely to be conspiracy theorists? *

Jul 28th, 2012 | Filed by

The link between endorsing conspiracy theories and rejecting climate science facts suggests that the libertarian instinct to reject the mainstream is key.… Read the rest

Imam who tried to strangle daughter gets no jail time *

Jul 28th, 2012 | Filed by

At Manchester Crown Court yesterday Abid Hussain was convicted of assault and making threats to kill, received a suspended sentence of nine months.Read the rest

Teenager denied chemo because she is 10 weeks pregnant *

Jul 28th, 2012 | Filed by

A 16-year-old in the Dominican Republic has been denied chemotherapy for acute leukemia because the aggressive treatment could kill her fetus.… Read the rest