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Secularism is Good *

Dec 14th, 2002 | Filed by

Hermione Lee admires Salman Rushdie’s chutzpah: extolling unbelief in a Sunday address in King’s College Chapel.… Read the rest

The Persistence of Superstition *

Dec 14th, 2002 | Filed by

Magical thinking thrives when the other kind can’t perform miracles.… Read the rest

Rawls and Nozick *

Dec 13th, 2002 | Filed by

It is instructive to consider the two opposing principles of equality and liberty taken to the extreme conclusions Nozick and Rawls did.… Read the rest

Threat Envy *

Dec 12th, 2002 | Filed by

When piety equals incitement to murder, not to mention murder itself, there is nothing to negotiate.… Read the rest

How to Attract Corporate Interest *

Dec 11th, 2002 | Filed by

Issues of patenting and profit versus free exchange of knowledge surface in new stem cell research.… Read the rest

Situatedness and its Discontents *

Dec 10th, 2002 | Filed by

Are we doomed never to be able to see past our own situations?… Read the rest

Troublesome DNA *

Dec 10th, 2002 | Filed by

Mormon scientist faces excommunication after DNA casts doubt on Mormon heredity story.… Read the rest

Alternative Medicine in a World of Science *

Dec 9th, 2002 | Filed by

Why do we heed “the songs of the New Age pied pipers whose melodies interweave quantum physics and the workings of the colon”?… Read the rest

Be Cool, Don’t Study *

Dec 9th, 2002 | Filed by

Report says social conformity among black students works against academic achievement and for confronting the teacher.… Read the rest

Hawks, Doves, Dawks, Hoves *

Dec 8th, 2002 | Filed by

Containment, Kurds in jeeps, re-alignments, suspicion, fear, hope, revolution from above, Paine, Trotsky, Bosnia, Iraq…it’s all so complicated.… Read the rest

Anthropology and Consent *

Dec 7th, 2002 | Filed by

The Yanomamo want their blood samples back, and Neel is guilty of something or other.… Read the rest

Religion Disguised as Science *

Dec 6th, 2002 | Filed by

Intelligent Design theorists upstage Young-Earthers.… Read the rest

Blank Dogs and Straw Slates *

Dec 5th, 2002 | Filed by

Kenan Malik considers the implications of ideas about human nature.… Read the rest

Evans on Williams on Truth *

Dec 5th, 2002 | Filed by

It’s good to read a philosopher who knows what he’s talking about when he talks about history, Richard Evans says.… Read the rest

What Does ‘Jihad’ Really Mean? *

Dec 4th, 2002 | Filed by

A historian examines the word and its re-definition.… Read the rest

Necessary Research or Delaying Tactic? *

Dec 3rd, 2002 | Filed by

When is it time to say we know enough to act?… Read the rest

Hattersley on Rawls *

Dec 2nd, 2002 | Filed by

Rawls replaced evasion with precision, making bluster unnecessary when enemies of equality asked awkward questions.… Read the rest

“Talking too properly” *

Dec 2nd, 2002 | Filed by

Can identity politics make school seem “white”?… Read the rest

Too Polite and Agreeable *

Dec 2nd, 2002 | Filed by

Does ecofeminism even deserve a mention? Denis Dutton asks… Read the rest

Green Spoon Worm Inhales Husband *

Dec 1st, 2002 | Filed by

David Barash reviews Olivia Judson’s book of sex advice for animals; disputes her definition of promiscuity, but on the whole approves.… Read the rest