The same old binary

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I have to wonder why the SMH saw fit to publish this childish drivel.

Before the movie begins, I duck off to the bathrooms. Down a dim corridor I find the signs: F and M. The same old binary. There’s no other choice. For the umpteenth time, I sigh. Which of two bad options to choose today? I’m neither man nor woman, but I must pretend to be one or the other if I’m to empty my bursting bladder. Outside the entrance, I hesitate, weighing up the dilemma.

But of course he is either man or woman. His name is Yves Reese so apparently a man but who knows, maybe he gave himself a go on, guess name. But either way he’s one or the other.

And of course it’s “the same old binary.” Also the doors are tall enough but not too tall, and the seats are designed for human bodies not snakes or ostriches or ants. No, sunshine, the movie theater hasn’t been redesigned to accommodate precious you and your gem-encrusted idenniny.

Since I cropped my hair and started binding my breasts, I’ve been attracting hostile stares from women perturbed by my presence in this feminine space.

Ah there it is, ok now we know.

What to do? I just want to pee and then watch a movie, not have my identity scrutinised by strangers. And no matter which option I choose, I’ll be misgendering myself.

But yourself also wants to pee so yourself will forgive yourself if you just shut up and go in the women’s and empty your bladder without all this self-involved blather.

Out in the world, non-binary people are erased, wiped off the domain of the possible. We know ourselves to be neither men nor women, but the world refuses to acknowledge that people like us can even exist. Our self-knowledge is dismissed. Through the architecture of everyday life, we are made inconceivable. There’s literally no space for us.

You don’t know yourselves to be neither men nor women. You may think you do, but you’re wrong. You’re a gender non-conforming woman, now go get on with your life by thinking about something not yourself.

H/t GW

Police without pride

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Priti Patel says don’t record crimes by men who claim to be trans as crimes by women in the statistics (for blindingly obvious reasons), and a woman cop who is co chair of the LGBT+ network for cops says well in that case don’t record women as victims? Wtf???

Where does she get the “so” and the “then”? So and then imply logic, or a chain of causation, or something along those lines. But what could such a chain be? Men who claim to be trans are not women, so they should not be recorded as women in the statistics when they commit crimes. That’s obvious. The point of the statistics is to record the truth of who does what to whom. They need to be accurate to do that job. If you make them not accurate by recording the wrong sex on the basis of men’s fantasies, what possible use are they? So men who commit crimes should be recorded as men in the stats, no matter how they say they “identify.”

The same applies to recording women who are victims of crime (as women are all too often) in the stats. You don’t want to mess up the stats by recording fictions. You want to know how many women really are victims of crime…so why would you stop recording them as such because you’re also not recording that men are women in the stats?

Besides sheer idiotic spite, that is. But surely a woman cop wouldn’t stoop to that kind of spite? Surely?

Updating to add: she did explain her thinking. It’s as bad as it appeared.


But the issue is recording men as perpetrators. That’s what Patel is talking about. Obviously men shouldn’t be reported as female victims either, but the issue here is the perps.

And it’s not “erasing” people as people to record their sex accurately. They’re still people and they’re not erased. Police statistics are not about personal whimsical identities, they’re about the basic realities.

This fucking fool shouldn’t be a cop at all.

No also not this one

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So Atwood posted a video.

Not a good choice of video. A big chunk of it is about Maya Forstater and of course gets a lot wrong. (Of course because they always do.) Maya sets her straight.

As many women are pointing out it’s Do it to Julia. That’s no good.

You’re STILL talking about that?

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Ok get over it already.

As a violent mob pushed past barricades protecting the U.S. Capitol, then dragged, beat and bludgeoned police officers before roaming the halls with abandon on Jan. 6, former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice watched and wept. The emotions, she said, were similar to those she felt on Sept. 11, 2001.

“I thought: ‘I study countries that do this. I didn’t think it would happen in my own country,’ ” Rice, a Republican who teaches political science at Stanford University, said Wednesday on ABC’s “The View.”

In her own country and with the tacit consent of her own political party. It wasn’t a national insurrection, it was a specific, partisan, one-sided, right-wing insurrection. Most of the country is appalled and disgusted by it, and wants to prevent it from ever happening again. We’re funny that way.

The assault on democratic processes that day, as protesters sought to interrupt the certification of the presidential election, “was wrong,” Rice acknowledged — but she qualified that it’s time for lawmakers to “move on.”

It is? Why? Have they done enough to make sure it will never happen again? Have they done enough to ensure it won’t happen again in three years? No and no, so why is it time for them to move on? Why is it time for any of us to move on?

The former White House official’s comments were a response in agreement to remarks Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) gave on Tuesday. McConnell told reporters it was time for lawmakers “to be talking about the future and not the past,” referring to the discussion about false claims of election fraud pushed by Trump and his allies, which ultimately led supporters to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6. McConnell said the issue should no longer be of concern.

He’d be saying exactly the same thing if it were Democrats who had attempted to overthrow an election and seize power by slaughtering half the Congress, right?

Rice, who served as secretary of state in the George W. Bush administration from 2005 to 2009, said she agreed with McConnell. She added that it’s time for lawmakers to “move on in a lot of ways” and focus on issues affecting U.S. citizens.

Oooh, oooh, you know something that affects US citizens? A right-wing coup that installs a dictator and does away with all our rights, that’s what. Making Donald Trump that dictator, that’s what. Joining the glorious company of Putin and Bolsonaro and Lukashenko, that’s what.

“I’m one who believes that the American people are now concerned about what we call ‘kitchen table issues’ — the price of gasoline, inflation, what’s happening to kids in school,” Rice said.

Also the empty shelf space where Oreos should be, and that pothole on Reagan Boulevard, and the fact that it’s raining. Real problems that affect real people. An insurrection to install a deranged corrupt dictator is just egghead abstract pie in the sky stuff.

No inspiration for you

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Oh did they indeed.

No inspirational women allowed.

Oxfam has bowed to the transgender lobby by withdrawing a children’s bingo game celebrating ‘inspirational women’ from sale in its stores and online.

Inspirational men are no problem, of course, but women…ick.

The game, which sold for £14.99, uses pictures of 48 famous women rather than numbers on cards that are matched with tokens showing the same female figures, including Jane Austen, US civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks, climate-change activist Greta Thunberg and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai.

And JK Rowling. Enough said.

But in an email last week, the charity told staff: ‘We have taken the decision to withdraw the product Wonder Women Bingo as it has been brought to our attention that it is not in line with Oxfam’s values.’

So Oxfam’s values include disappearing and stifling inspirational women? Why’s that?

Oxfam, which campaigns to end poverty and improve women’s rights, told The Mail on Sunday last night it had cleared the game from its shelves after transgender staff complained about it.

It added: ‘We took the decision to remove the game from sale following concerns raised by trans and non-binary colleagues who told us it didn’t live up to our commitment to respect people of all genders.’

Well no, not all “genders.” They certainly have zero respect for women in light of this move.

Women criticised the decision, including Labour MP Rosie Duffield MP, who decided not to attend her party conference last month after receiving threats from trans activists for insisting that ‘only women have a cervix’.

‘I am disappointed Oxfam considers taking a political view of gender identity politics more important than raising as much money as possible for those most in need,’ she said. ‘The track record of some charities with regards to women’s rights has been far from good, and discriminating against some women due to their beliefs will do nothing to repair that.’

Nor will removing a game intended to teach children about women who get shit done.

Julie Bindel suggested the game may have been ditched because it includes Rowling and fellow author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who have challenged the transgender belief that there is no difference between trans and biological women.

In short there’s a filter in place now for everything to do with women, that filters out all women who question the stupid reality-denying new dogma that men are women if they say they are, while leaving men to carry on as normal, no matter what they think and say about trans dogma. Men are to be unmolested, women are to be punished and threatened and erased from public life. That’s fair, right?

Self-identifying as a board member

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The Times on Stonewall:

Today The Times reports on the newest foray into corporate boardrooms under the misleading guise of breaking the gender glass ceiling. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which regulates the financial industry, has drawn up diversity guidelines. These would require every company listed on FTSE indices to declare the percentage of women serving as board members. The new rules, however, do not require that companies declare their board members’ legal or biological sex but their gender identity, regardless of when in their career they adopted it. Using this new definition, the FCA is now recommending that 40 per cent of boards should be women.

But they could all be men. Companies could comply with such recommendations without actually promoting a single woman.

The Equality Law 2010 recognises only legal sex, not gender identity, and there is no right to self-declare your sex under UK law. The FCA guidelines therefore risk setting firms up for a clash with employees with protected characteristics under existing equalities law, who may argue their own rights have been infringed. Using self-identification rather than legal and biological sex as the basis for compiling gender diversity data could, for example, give a misleading picture of a company’s performance under this metric.

Not to mention that it could give companies a veil behind which to continue not promoting women.

The reality is that Stonewall lobbied intensively to change the law but was ultimately halted by an outcry from critics warning of the dangers to women of allowing self-identification to trump biological sex. It is now looking increasingly as if it is getting its way regardless by persuading employers to adopt its agenda. 

And who loses? Women. Of course.

You want toxic? We’ll give you toxic

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Women not impressed by ActiVists trying to school Margaret Atwood:

Guest post: Women were helping the dinosaurs walk around

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By latsot, originally a comment on Today in London but it got held because of links while I was out for a walk to Lake Union and back so now it’s a post instead of a comment.


Yes. And the dinosaur costumes were another genius PR idea from Posie Parker. It’s impossible to see one waddling down the street (or getting on a bus)

  without paying attention. And when people do, the explanation is a perfect lead into a discussion of Stonewall.

The event was brilliant, I’m glad I went. Everyone was incredibly nice and kind and looked after each other all day. People helped me get in and out of the pub and fretted about me crossing busy roads. It was genuinely moving. It was kindness given without thought or obligation.

Women were helping the dinosaurs walk around, too, because they couldn’t see their feet. At one point, a dinosaur had a handbag in one hand and the other was held by a guide, who was giving instructions. She was like a rally co-driver except she was saying things like:

There’s a bit of a dodgy kerb there…. Mind that cracked paving stone… There’s a puddle there that might be piss…but you might be all right, it could just be rainwater, it’s up to you whether you want to go round it.

I really wish I could have filmed that, but I need both hands for getting around.

To begin with, we met at the statue of Millicent Fawcett in Parliament Square and I handed out leaflets for a while. A lot of people were passing and most took the leaflets. Lots more came to Talk With Dinosaurs. Everyone had either heard or heard of the Nolan investigation so there was always a good way into conversation. This is significant; previously, I’d have had to cover a lot of ground before even getting started on Stonewall but now most people seemed to have a much better idea of what’s going on. It was hugely encouraging.

After that, I was interviewed by the police, but they just wanted to know what the protest was about. I gave them a leaflet and refused to tell them where we were going next. In fairness, they couldn’t have beaten it out of me if they’d tried because I didn’t know where we were going, either. And as it turned out, neither did anyone else.

Where we did go was the buildings of various government departments and other public services. We went to the Home Office, New Scotland Yard, then to the Foreign office but I think that was by mistake. Various other places. We shouted about Stonewall getting out, children being left alone and the gay not being amenable to transing away. I had not expected, that morning, that I would be standing outside the offices of the Metropolitan police with a crowd of women shouting “get autogynophiles out of the police”. Especially since it was followed by a discussion about whether we really minded autogynophiles being in the police or not. The consensus was that we didn’t really mind as long as they weren’t dressed as latex dogs when they came to arrest us.

Then we ate our packed lunches like we were on a school trip and got on the bus to the BBC.

The BBC security guards were out in force and not happy to see us. We chanted a lot, argued with a man who came out to be a dickhead at us, there was some ill-advised singing and dancing and one dinosaur’s gyrations got out of control. Then we went to the statue of Orwell for some photographs and went to the pub. There was a lot of energy there, and a lot of righteous anger. Women are angry and that genii is not going back in the bottle.

I met some brilliant people in there (some of them even recognised me!) then went to speak with menno for a while. He’d been asked to recount his GC origin story, which is an absolute rollercoaster ride. Tears fell. He spoke of how he has always been bad at expressing anger and a particular event caused all his pent up anger to be released in a single instant, which was a major peaking event.

So, predictably, I was then asked how I’d got into all this. If you know menno, you’ll know he’s a difficult act to follow at the best of times and if you know me, you’ll know my origin story isn’t exactly a thrill ride. I didn’t Fall so much as saunter gently downwards, as Pratchett might have said. But at least I could confirm, to the nods of everyone there who follows me on Twitter, that at least I’ve never had any difficulty expressing anger.

Then – to my lasting regret – I had to leave to get my train. I wish I’d been able to stay and wish even more that I’d decided to go after all to the LGBA conference the previous day. I’d thought about it but figured that I shouldn’t take up a place an LGB person might want. But everyone in the pub said I was an idiot and should have just gone. Next time, I will.

On the way back to the station, I reached what I like to believe were record speeds down Oxford Street and in the transfer tunnel at Green Park. There was a lot of weaving around bewildered, angry people and hairpin, rubber-screeching turns into lifts.

It was good to get out and great to meet some of the best people. It was even good to be in London after so long, even now that it’s getting back to fully annoying capacity. I wish I could have been in Edinburgh and Belfast as well (I know people who were at both!) I’ll definitely go to more of these things in the future and I’m speaking with some GC groups up North to see if we can arrange some in Newcastle or Durham. There isn’t much activity around here and that’s a shame because I think we North-Easterners are natural born TERFs, if anyone is.

I’ll give you plenty of notice, guest ;)

As twiliter says, you can see pictures and videos at #ComeOutOfStonewall on Twitter. The picture Ophelia used shows around half the people who started the tour and a fifth of the dinosaurs. Some of the dinosaurs had to leave to go to work, others deflated involuntarily due to battery failure. The real reason they became extinct.

God hates people

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Theocrats pick another fight:

Thousands of supporters of a banned radical Islamist party have departed from the eastern Pakistan city of Lahore, clashing with police for a second day, a party spokesman and witnesses said on Saturday.

The group formed on Friday with the goal of reaching the capital, Islamabad, to pressure the government to release Saad Rizvi, the head of the Tehreek-e-Labiak Pakistan party.

“Radical” coupled with Islamist means deep hatred of women and “blasphemers.” (They consider most people blasphemers.)

Rizvi’s party gained prominence in Pakistan’s 2018 elections, campaigning on a single issue: defending the country’s blasphemy law, which calls for the death penalty for anyone who insults Islam. It has a history of staging violent protests to pressure the government to accept its demands.

What constitutes “insulting Islam”? You know. Disagreeing with anything the fanatics say about it.

Rhetorical flourishes is it?

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Judith Butler has a crappy predictable abusive piece in the Guardian complaining of a “backlash” over sacred Gender.

The attacks on so-called “gender ideology” have grown in recent years throughout the world, dominating public debate stoked by electronic networks and backed by extensive rightwing Catholic and evangelical organizations. Although not always in accord, these groups concur that the traditional family is under attack, that children in the classroom are being indoctrinated to become homosexuals, and that “gender” is a dangerous, if not diabolical, ideology threatening to destroy families, local cultures, civilization, and even “man” himself.

Meanwhile, in the real world, feminist women object to being shoved aside and told to shut up by men who claim to be women.

It is not easy to fully reconstruct the arguments used by the anti-gender ideology movement because they do not hold themselves to standards of consistency or coherence. 

That’s just a quite vulgar lie. She’s choosing to treat conservative anti-feminists as in the same “movement” as gender critical feminists, which she has to know perfectly well is a lie.

They assemble and launch incendiary claims in order to defeat what they see as “gender ideology” or “gender studies” by any rhetorical means necessary. For instance, they object to “gender” because it putatively denies biological sex or because it undermines the natural or divine character of the heteronormative family.

Well yes “or” as in those are completely different sets of people. Speaking of any rhetorical means necessary. She has no shame.

lthough nationalist, transphobic, misogynist, and homophobic, the principal aim of the movement is to reverse progressive legislation won in the last decades by both LGBTQI and feminist movements.

Another lie.

Anti-gender movements are not just reactionary but fascist trends, the kind that support increasingly authoritarian governments. The inconsistency of their arguments and their equal opportunity approach to rhetorical strategies of the left and right, produce a confusing discourse for some, a compelling one for others. But they are typical of fascist movements that twist rationality to suit hyper-nationalist aims.

A whole crowd of lies there.

In his well-known list of the elements of fascism, Umberto Eco writes, “the fascist game can be played in many forms,” for fascism is “a collage … a beehive of contradictions”. Indeed, this perfectly describes anti-gender ideology today. It is a reactionary incitement, an incendiary bundle of contradictory and incoherent claims and accusations.

She says, inciting people to think feminist women are fascists.

There are three more paragraphs of bullshit about fascism, concluding with “The time for anti-fascist solidarity is now.” What a revolting lying fraud she is.

This is not your experience

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Remember Charles Clymer the “male feminist” who was always talking over women? Then declared he was “Charlotte” and it all made sense? As Charlotte he gets to talk over everyone.

And Charles is a man. He is not a woman. Being a woman is not his experience (7 years in the army azza man) and he is not qualified to talk about what is and isn’t offensive and intrusive and misogynist to the female community. Stay in your lane Charles.

Don’t mention the girls

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Don’t mention the girls

Let’s have a campaign against spiking women’s drinks in order to rape them and let’s make sure our campaign is incloosiv of men.

The campaign started on Instagram, and that’s also where it was interrupted and hijacked and bullied into including men, thus making it a completely meaningless campaign to stop people doing something to people.

We’re sorry!!! We’re sorry we’re sorry we’re sorry – we’re so sorry we said it was about girls, we’ll never do it again, please don’t hit us, please don’t drug us and rape us, please, we promise we’ll be good, please please please please

Guest post: Laws against midget bowling

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Originally a comment by As the smoke rises upward on A long-awaited judgment.

One can make the same argument for selling organs. There are thousands of desperately poor people in rural India suffering from the lifelong health effects of having one kidney because they—ostensibly voluntarily—sold the other one.

Here’s another, more obscure analogy: midget bowling. If you are fortunate enough to be unfamiliar with this phenomenon, it’s the practice of tossing a little person down a bowling lane in place of a bowling ball, which is apparently high comedy to certain crass fratboy types. Some little people rent themselves out to would-be midget bowlers, but some state legislatures have passed laws prohibiting the practice, on the grounds that it is inherently hazardous to the person selling the service (being tossed around like a literal ball is dangerous for anyone, but especially dangerous to little people, who tend to have fragile spines). Simply put, laws against midget bowling boil down to the conviction that it’s not okay for a bunch of dudes to have a good time by putting other people at real risk of serious harm, even if the people taking the risk have agreed to do so in exchange for money.

Of course, one can take the extreme libertarian position that any transaction should be permissible as long as there is the appearance of consent; the exchange of money sanctifies anything that the payer might do to the payee. Sweatshop workers, diamond miners, gestational surrogates, organ sellers, midget bowling balls, prostitutes—they all knew the work and the wages and they chose to accept. If it’s all right for me to grind away at my tedious and stressful white-collar job because I need the money, then it must also be all right for a homeless eighteen-year-old girl to allow strange men to ejaculate in her orifices because she needs the money. Really, what’s the difference? Everyone hates their job.

But I’m less interested in abstract questions than I am in concrete realities. Overwhelmingly, the women and girls (and the smaller number of men and boys) who are in prostitution are harmed by it and do not want to be there. Many of them are trafficked, many of them are drug addicted, many of them come from abusive backgrounds, many of them are being exploited by pimps, and many of them develop PTSD. The large majority of prostitutes—around 90%—interviewed in several countries say that they would leave the sex industry immediately if they could. As one study (from 2006, but I doubt much has changed since then) dispassionately concludes, “Sex work is associated with excess mortality and morbidity including the sequelae of STI, mental health problems, and substance misuse.” In plainer terms, buyers of sex do very real damage, both physical and psychological, to the people (mostly women and girls) whose bodies they buy.

Addendum/clarification: apparently, midget bowling is less common than the closely related “sport” of dwarf tossing, which involves tossing the little person against a velcro wall rather than down a bowling lane.

Usage of inclusive

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We’re not confused.

I’m not confused, but I’ll have a look.

Beyond these clinical technicalities, for many people pregnancy also starts before conception in a figurative sense.

I’m definitely not confused, I know exactly what you’re doing. You’re pandering to a stupid fad for pretending that we don’t know which sex does the baby-having.

…two medical centers in the US, Baylor University Medical Center and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, are now offering uterus transplants to allow XX-carrying people lacking a functional uterus to gestate their own children after all…

…The OB/GYNs I saw during that time seemed to be focused more on the people having babies than on those who were unable to. And for women requiring other sorts of remedies for infertility, from IVF to uterus transplantation, costs are often paid from their own pockets. 

Whoops! Missed one.

A note from the EIC regarding the language used in this issue

I happily turned over the editorial pen to The Scientist’s managing editor, Jef Akst, for this special issue on pregnancy. But the TS editorial team had such a rigorous conversation surrounding the language we used in these stories that we thought it was necessary to include a brief mention of this facet of creating this body of work. Specifically, we wanted to be mindful of using inclusive language in discussing the science of pregnancy. From my own perspective, considering pregnancy as a phenomenon that extends beyond “women” did not occur automatically. But as we got down into the nitty-gritty of the subject matter at hand, I was made aware (via the thoughtful input of my colleagues) that we risked excluding nonbinary and transgender individuals from the discussion if we did not carefully consider our words.

So they decided to exclude women instead.

… other studies of pregnancy simply recorded that subjects were female. Where possible, we included these types of specifics in discussing particular studies (see the mention of “XX individuals” above). In other spots that considered the broader applications or impacts of research or healthcare involving pregnancy, we referred to “people” rather than “women.”

Go us! We veiled women with our words!

No second chances, no discussion

Oct 22nd, 2021 3:55 pm | By

The mindset.

What letters? The usual suspects.

And while he’s got your attention, he’d also like you to take his directions on what people it’s permitted to follow on Twitter.

Nine acquaintances, and he’s telling them he’d “appreciate it” if they stopped following someone because he says so. I might as well tweet that I’d appreciate it if Jeff Bezos ran his friends past me for approval.

Pompous little dictators everywhere.

Updating to add:

Today in London

Oct 22nd, 2021 2:29 pm | By

The Come Out of Stonewall protest:

That’s our mate latsot in the wheelchair in front.

It’s good that there are always dinosaurs now.

Whilst he capers and gloats and feigns terror

Oct 22nd, 2021 11:50 am | By

Ceri Black (Ceri pronounced like Kerry) spoke at a Belfast protest today.

I’m here to stand against the protection racket that is the diversity champion’s scheme, and to call for employers to join the flood of others who have left it.

But I hope you don’t mind if I take this opportunity to speak about what’s been happening to me over the last 48 hours instead of the speech I originally prepared.

You may know this already, but a man has managed to persuade the police to invite me to an interview, under caution, regarding my twitter account, @femmeloves.

I did know it already. It’s That Man Again.

If it were not prohibited by the twitter terms of service, I would tweet out the plain fact that men cannot be women.

Perhaps naively, when I first joined this fight, I thought that the police would protect every day working families like mine, talking on topics like these. So when I faced a wall of death threats, rape threats, threats of sectarian violence, violent pornographic photographs and videos, homophobic abuse, and calls to “go back where you came from,” on my twitter account, I reported them to the Police Service of Northern Ireland. They took no action.

So death threats are ok. The police have no objection to death threats.

But one phone call from a man who has a history of using the police service as his own personal enforcement arm against women he disagrees with, and the PSNI have threatened me with arrest if I don’t attend voluntarily to be interviewed under caution.

She has a solicitor, who is confident it will never go to court, though the interview will have to happen. Ceri says this isn’t about her.

This is about the dirty tactics of a movement which delights in intimidating and bulling their opponents into silence, using fair means or foul.

Like Owen Jones for instance, saying the LGB Alliance is opposed to trans rights when it isn’t.


This has gone far enough now.

The complainant cannot be allowed to continue to weaponize police forces across the country, to silence voices he disagrees with, whilst he capers and gloats and feigns terror because he’s triggered by tweets.

He is a bully. I do not pander to bullies. I do not cower before bullies. I put them on notice, and I employ all legal means to have them stopped.

My solicitor informs me that there are various channels open to me, so the complainant can expect to hear from me in due course.

Oh I look forward to that.

But it isn’t just the complainant I’m putting on notice. It is the police service of Northern Ireland, it’s Stonewall, and it’s the massive fraud they call the Diversity Champions Scheme.

The police have questions for me? Good. I have questions for them.

Questions like, “What influence does being a member of the Stonewall diversity champions scheme have on the way you police this issue?”

Questions like, “When I reported death and rape threats to you, you told me to withdraw from the debate and stop tweeting, so did you offer the same advice to the man who complained against me?”

Questions like “what underpinned your decision to interview me under caution for tweets about child protection, whilst you completely ignored direct threats on my life.”

I have a long list of other questions for the PSNI, and they can expect to hear them from me in the form of Freedom of information requests in the coming days.

My solicitor is helping me explore other possible actions, including a complaint to the ombudsman.

In the meantime, I have a message for the PSNI.

I’m politely declining your invitation to be interviewed voluntarily under caution at the station.

Come and arrest me if you want to ask me your questions. Here I am.

Come and arrest a lesbian woman, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, a campaigner for women and children, for the crime of tweeting about how to protect children from grooming and sexual predation. Put this survivor in handcuffs and put me in a room. Go ahead. Ask your questions. Make yourselves the tools of a man who, with his army of vindictive and spiteful followers, has terrorised women across the nation, all the while making claims about his own victimhood.

Read the whole thing.

She was on the latest Mess We’re In too, and was equally crystal clear there.

Speaking of bereft of standards

Oct 22nd, 2021 11:06 am | By

Define the rights you’re talking about, OJ.

If this piece were a proper piece of journalism – the counter-factual subjunctive exists for a reason. (Of course, the piece is a proper piece of journalism, but OJ is claiming it isn’t, but doing it badly, because he doesn’t write well.)

But the substantive point here is that the LGB Alliance is not “anti-trans rights” and that OJ is smuggling the claim in by not spelling out what trans rights are. Nobody wants to take human rights away from trans people. What new rights, specific to trans people, does Owen Jones think there are? On what grounds does he think they are rights? Has he given any thought to questions about the effects of such rights on other people’s rights? Especially women’s rights? All that matters, but OJ never discusses it.

A long-awaited judgment

Oct 22nd, 2021 5:28 am | By

Love is not a human right and neither is sex. (Remember when Amnesty International decided it is? I do. How can you make sex a human right without implying a requirement? Who are the people who would be most subject to that requirement?)

This morning the Court of Appeal handed down a long-awaited judgment in the case of Re C, a legal case fraught with tension due to the sensitive and complex nature of what lay at its heart.

In short, C, a learning-disabled man, wished to seek out the “services” of a prostituted woman to pay her for sexual access, but he lacked the mental capacity to make such arrangements for himself.

One of several legal issues at hand was the fact that, if such a care worker was permitted to make such arrangements, they may be committing an offence under s.39 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, which prohibits care workers from “causing or inciting sexual activity”.

To cut a long legal story short, the Court of Appeal overturned the original ruling of the Court of Protectionand stated that in this instance C’s care workers were categorically not permitted to facilitate the purchasing of sexual access on behalf of their learning-disabled client.

Access to a vagina is not a human right. It can’t be. If it is treated as a human right, women become tools for other people.

Amnesty is sorry you’re so offended

Oct 22nd, 2021 3:17 am | By

Amnesty UK has a stupid mealy-mouthed blamey “statement” distancing itself from the “suck my dick you cunts”- type activism at the FiLiA event.

We have a long history of campaigning against violence against women and this continues to be a vital part of our work.

But they’ve forgotten who women are, and which people are women.

We are equally committed to campaigning for the rights of transgender people to live freely, authentically, and openly, and to have their gender legally recognised without having to go through a dehumanising, long and costly procedure. 

But the “right” of transgender people to live “authentically” entails requiring everyone to agree with them that they are their new gender in every possible sense, in other words that they have changed their sex along with their gender. This intrudes quite dramatically on the rights of women. That means it’s not a legitimate right at all. Amnesty is trashing women’s rights by leaning so heavily on new and unworkable “rights” for trans people.

We were approached by the organisers of a Fly the Flag event in Portsmouth at the weekend, who requested that we supply materials which reflect Amnesty International UK’s campaigning positions on the LGBTQ human rights.  Two sets of placards were sent.  One set of signs stated the slogan “I AM WHO I SAY I AM: Amnesty International”.  The second set of signs stated the slogan “LOVE IS A HUMAN RIGHT: Amnesty International”.

Both of those slogans are a crock of shit.

As I’ve pointed out what feels like a billion times, it’s not true that people always or necessarily “are who they say they are.” Look at Trump. He claims to be a great many things that he’s not. Look at frauds and cheats and tricksters, look at narcissists and egomaniacs, look at cops who say they are a cop arresting a woman for violating Covid rules when really they’re a cop abducting a woman to rape and murder her.

As I’ve pointed out not quite so many times but still many, of course love is not a human right. Those 5 words are a rapist’s charter.

Photographs of the threatening and aggressive language and images displayed by other protestors present at the Guildhall have been shared with us and we are shocked by it.  We recognise that the FiLiA conference was attended by a number of women who have been the victims of violence and harassment.  Amnesty International UK believes there should have been absolutely no place for the use of any threatening or aggressive language or imagery towards any of the attendees of that conference, or indeed towards any women.

In other words Amnesty wishes it hadn’t been linked to those images, but as for the women at the FiLiA conference, they are bad women and Amnesty hates them.