Guest post: One teabag for each day

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Originally a comment by latsot on 10 beans a day.

I read that Chartwells made £2bn profit last year and paid tax on about 2% of that. Needless to say, they are big Tory donors, their CEO is friends with ex Tory Prime Minister David Cameron, and there was no tender process for this contract. This is rife. It’s nowhere close to exaggeration to say that the Tories are using the current catastrophe to divert very large amounts of money to themselves and their friends. At last count there were exactly umpteen companies with no prior experience in the provision of PPE or meals or whatever, and which were losing money, who were suddenly awarded contracts worth tens of millions or more to do things they didn’t know how to do without ever having to tender. In many, many cases, they failed spectacularly to do what they were contracted to do with no apparent consequences to them.

It looks like asset stripping more than it looks like anything else. I genuinely think the government are delighted that the news has come out about the food parcels because it’s something they can (appear to) visibly fix, diverting attention from the enormous volume of corruption elsewhere. I don’t doubt that they’ll be able to convince a lot of the population that they took decisive action to feed our poor children against all the odds.

Some of the pictures of the food boxes are heartbreaking. We don’t know that they’re all real, of course, but there are boxes that appear to have contained half a pepper or carrot or fucking tomato. As many have said, surely the cost of cutting a pepper in half outweighs the cost of putting in a whole one. Some of the items don’t even meet basic hygiene and safety standards. For example, it is not remotely acceptable to decant tuna into a non-sterile plastic bag for transport and storage. The intention here is to punish rather than to feed the poor.

There is some background. In a previous lockdown, parents received vouchers instead of food boxes. This, of course, is a much better idea. It’s more scalable and leverages (yeah, I said leverages) the supermarket supply chains. This is especially important this time because the government were adamant that schools would be operational…. before opening them for one day to ensure as many children as possible infected each other then closing them to ensure the children infected as many people as possible at home. So the supply companies were arguably not ready while the supermarkets were.

Anyway, vouchers are generally speaking a much better idea, but there were a few concerns that parents might spend some of the money on booze and fags and scratchcards and the poor children might receive inadequate nutrition as a result. So it was decided to instead make it absolutely certain that poor children will receive inadequate nutrition by replacing the vouchers with these awful boxes.

It isn’t just children being punished in this fashion, either. Vulnerable adults have been receiving inadequate food parcels, too. And they too are designed to punish and humiliate for the crime of being poor. One I read of contained one teabag for each day. Again, the cost saving of counting out exactly the ‘right’ number of teabags (surely more than one cup of tea per day is an intolerable extravagance) can be barely worthwhile and the object is to punish and be seen to punish. What do they think people are going to do with all the excess teabags anyway, for goodness’ sake? (They’re going to give them to other people who need them, that’s what).

Not a good day to be British. And there are few enough of those already, these days.

In the same chamber

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One Democrat pointed out that they were debating impeachment in the crime scene.

“We are debating this historic measure at an actual crime scene,” Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass., said Wednesday morning, discussing House Resolution 24, the measure that would impeach President Trump for the second time. He was speaking in the same chamber that was evacuated one week ago as a mob of pro-Trump extremists breached security and flooded into the halls of Congress.

The chamber where members crouched on the floor when the police started shouting “Get down, get down!” Which must have been pretty terrifying.

Recalling the events of last Wednesday, McGovern said Congress was disrupted as it was performing one of its core duties in service of American democracy: certifying the election.

“But at a rally just a mile and a half down Pennsylvania Avenue, Donald Trump and his allies were stoking the anger of a violent mob,” McGovern said. “A member of this very body proclaimed on that stage, ‘Today is the day American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass.'”

That member is Mo Brooks, R-Alabama.

“Rioters chanted, ‘Hang Mike Pence,’ as a noose and gallows were built a stone’s throw from the Capitol steps. Capitol Police officers were beaten and sprayed with pepper spray. Attackers hunted down lawmakers to hold them hostage, or worse. Staff barricaded doors. People sent text messages to their families to tell them they love them. They thought they were saying goodbye, Mr. Speaker.”

They had good reason to think so.

To lose both looks like carelessness

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Mofo is impeached, AGAIN. First ever to be impeached TWICE, because he’s such an evil monstrosity.

The Democratic-led U.S. House delivered the historic rebuke to Trump on Wednesday afternoon — exactly one week after his supporters stormed the Capitol building in a rampage that led to five deaths, including that of a Capitol police officer.

The article of impeachment charges Trump with “incitement of insurrection.”

Some 13 months ago, all House Republicans voted against the president’s first impeachment. On Wednesday, 10 GOP members joined with all Democrats to impeach Trump.

Ten Republicans broke party ranks to vote in favor of impeachment, including Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, who chairs the House Republican Conference.

“None of this would have happened without the President,” Cheney said in a statement Tuesday explaining her vote. “The President could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence. He did not. There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.”

The Democratic-led House approved the new rebuke in the same chamber where one week ago members of Congress fled an oncoming tide of rioters who had been stoked by the president and his false claims that a bogus election process caused his defeat by President-elect Joe Biden.

Impeachment, Pelosi said, is “a constitutional remedy that will ensure that the republic will be safe from this man, who is so resolutely determined to tear down the things that we hold dear, and that hold us together.”

I hope he’s in torment.

A series of new threats

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More on the plans for next week:

Thousands of armed pro-Donald Trump extremists are plotting to surround the US Capitol ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, according to a member of Congress who was among those briefed late Monday on a series of new threats against lawmakers and the Capitol itself.

Then they were kind of silly to tip their hand last week. Law enforcement is awake now, so I don’t think their plotting will translate to a triumphant encirclement of the Capitol.

Two Democratic lawmakers who participated in the briefing told CNN that they were walked through several scenarios on a call Monday and officers were sober about the threats. An effort was made to emphasize how different security is right now, the members said.

“They are very strong when we are weak. That is when the mob psychology takes hold and they are emboldened, but when met with actual determined force, I think a lot of these fantasy world beliefs about what will happen when they come to Washington will melt away,” one of the members said.

I have a feeling the force will be pretty determined. They will have Officer Sicknick in mind.

Early Tuesday afternoon, The Washington Post reported that an FBI office in Norfolk, Virginia, issued an “explicit internal warning that extremists were preparing to travel to Washington to commit violence and ‘war.'” Although the FBI report was described as not “finally evaluated intelligence,” it is likely to raise additional questions about how law enforcement officials missed signs leading up to last week’s attack and readiness ahead of potential new threats.

We are indeed wondering about that.

There was worry before Obama’s first inauguration, you know. I remember it. There was discussion about whether or not they would do the traditional walk up Pennsylvania Avenue. I remember watching it, and feeling elated but tense. This is basically just chapter 2 of that. Trump got his start in “politics” telling racist lies about Obama. Here we are again.

Grave concerns

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Meanwhile there is also the future to worry about – the future as in next week. The Feds are seriously alarmed.

(I still wonder why they failed to be alarmed last week.)

Meanwhile Tuesday on Capitol Hill, representatives from the Secret Service and the Defense and Homeland Security departments briefed lawmakers on security concerns.

Afterward, a group of Democratic House chairs issued a statement, saying they “have grave concerns about ongoing and violent threats to our democracy. It is clear that more must be done to preempt, penetrate, and prevent deadly and seditious assaults by domestic violent extremists in the days ahead.”

The chairs — including the Oversight Committee’s Carolyn Maloney and the Judiciary Committee’s Jerrold Nadler, among others — said, “This is a moment when our entire national security and law enforcement apparatus must be working in complete lockstep. This was not a peaceful protest that got out of hand. This was an attempted coup to derail our Constitutional process and intimidate our duly elected leaders through violence.”

Notice the difference between that and BLM protests. Some of the latter may have gotten out of hand, but that’s not the same thing as an attempted coup. It’s not even close.

Not a mere parking ticket

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Last week’s storming of the U.S. Capitol by a pro-Trump mob has already resulted in charges against 70 people, according to the acting U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, who said he expects the number “will grow into the hundreds.”

In the first public briefing by the Justice Department and the FBI since Wednesday’s riot, acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin and Steven D’Antuono, director of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, outlined what Sherwin called a long-term investigation.

“Everyone is in for the long haul,” Sherwin said.

He said his office has already opened 170 subject files of people who potentially committed crimes in the Capitol or on Capitol grounds.

You mean it’s illegal to smash windows, batter locked doors open, push through police barricades, smash people in the head with fire extinguishers? Even when the president told you to?

He said the crimes include “everything from trespass, to theft of mail, to theft of digital devices inside the Capitol, to assault on local officers, federal officers both outside and inside the Capitol, to the theft of potential national security information or national defense information, to felony murder, even civil rights, excessive force investigations.”

Sherwin added, “The gamut of cases and criminal conduct we’re looking at is really mind-blowing.”

He said what he called a “strike force” has been formed to build sedition and conspiracy cases against some suspects.

But sedition on behalf of Trump is patriotic and maga-enabling, isn’t it?

Political correctness run amok

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Rs still going out of their way to be bad malevolent people. I guess that’s their brand now and they’re happy with it?

Several Republican members of Congress grew angry on Tuesday over new security systems implemented at the Capitol. The safety measures, which included metal detectors and physical pat-downs in some instances, were introduced after last week’s deadly insurrection at the complex.

And it wasn’t the Democrats who cheered that on, or inspired it in the first place.

“You are creating a problem you do not understand the ramifications of,” Rep. Steve Womack of Arkansas was heard yelling at police who were conducting the check, according to a press pool report.

Yelling at police??? What is he, antifa?

Another representative, Rodney Davis of Illinois, was heard shouting that the checks were “horseshit.” Davis went through the metal detector, but then came back and was heard telling House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., that the new measures were “bullshit,” and they were diverting valuable resources. He also said GOP members weren’t consulted by security officials before they were installed.

Maybe because GOP members are collaborators.

The acting House sergeant-at-arms, Timothy Blodgett, announced the changes Tuesday, warning in a notice to members, “Failure to complete screening or the carrying of prohibited items could result in denial of access to the Chamber.”

Blodgett and acting U.S. Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman briefed Republican members on the protocols Tuesday. In the meeting, ranking member Davis blamed the majority Democrats for going overboard.

“This is political correctness run amok. The threat is outside, not inside. Every resource used inside is one that can’t be used outside,” he argued, according to a readout of the briefing.

“Political correctness” ffs. Now it’s “political correctness” to take measures to try to prevent another violent seizure of the Capitol. The Republicans don’t have any politics any more, they’re just The Antagonist Party.

With Stonewall-sponsored policies to match.

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Kathleen Stock asks what’s going on here when academics sign an open letter “which wouldn’t look out of place in the Salem Witch Trial archive.”

How can these academics look at the parts of the gender identity debate that concern me – for instance, vulnerable female prisoners being housed with male sex offenders; young lesbian women like Keira Bell regretting the effects of puberty blockers and voluntary mastectomies by the time they are 20; a loss of academic data about sex-associated patterns of discrimination, and so on – and conclude that I’m not only wrong, but that I should be publicly shamed?

That is, not only wrong but wicked, malevolent, deliberately harm-doing, cruel, witchy. I wonder that too. How do they get there?

(The puzzlement reminds me of my puzzlement at Republican Congressional Representatives refusing to wear masks while locked down in a confined space with colleagues, and not only refusing but mocking the colleagues who do mask. Where does that kind of pointless malice and deliberate harm-doing come from?)

Though many of the signatories of the open letter against me were based overseas, 11 of the founder signatories were at UK universities. UK universities are at the forefront of trans activism in at least two ways. One is that relatively many students – otherwise known these days as paying customers – are trans activists, and this alone will tend to affect weaker-minded academic faculty…

The second point is that universities themselves, via enthusiastic participation in Stonewall schemes like the Diversity Champions scheme and the Top 100 Employers Index are now, effectively, trans activist organisations at a managerial level, with Stonewall-sponsored policies to match.

For instance, an HR policy at Queen’s University Belfast tells staff to ‘think of the person as being the sex that they want you to think of them as’ (policies at Edinburgh and Leeds say something very similar).

There, again, for the millionth time, I pause to marvel. Do what?? Think of the person as the _____ that they want you to think of them as? What kind of wild, impossible to apply broadly, reckless rule is that? What kind of deranged retreat to childishness is that? No I’m not going to undertake to think of people the way they want me to think of them, at least not in that blank check, no questions asked, just do it way. I’m not and no one should. People think of us the way they think of us, and we can’t force them to swap their perceptions for ours. It’s infantile to think that’s even possible, let alone reasonable. It’s also so non-academic, so anti-academic, that it makes my head swim. It’s a fantasists’ charter, a one-way ticket to Narcissists’ Crossing.

‘Good practice’ at Oxford University includes avoiding the phrase ‘identifies as a woman’ for a trans woman, because this suggests trans women aren’t ‘“real” women’.

And that’s because they’re not. Universities really really really should not be in the business of ordering people to substitute fantasy for reality. It’s not even a reasonable request, let alone a command.

The costs of this intimidation of academics sceptical about gender orthodoxies – whether via savage open letters or managerial policies controlling speech and thought – are high. Knowledge is lost and public understanding diminished. In my view, there’s a pressing need for academics to take a cold hard look at the havoc wreaked by pretending, on a national scale, that gender identity is more important than sex in nearly every context. This includes a need for philosophers: for a lot of current trans orthodoxy has very particular philosophical underpinnings, seeming to give it intellectual credibility where, in my view, there is little.

But if we just think of current trans orthodoxy as the brilliant progressive correct orthodoxy it wants us to think of it as, everything will be copacetic.

10 beans a day

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I saw that Jack Monroe was raising the roof yesterday on the subject of insultingly meager and worthless lunch parcels for children to replace school lunches during lockdown, handed out by people who pocket far more money than the parcels can have cost. The subject exploded and now it’s all over the UK news, with good results.

Clearly the plan is the children will eat the sandwich of one piece of nasty processed “cheese” between two pieces of nasty processed sponge bread, and a potato. On banner days they will be allowed an apple.

The Guardian has more:

The government and the catering companies it has hired have come under fire after photographs of free school meal parcels were circulated online.

The food packages sent to children who qualify for free school meals and are remote learning because of the national lockdown were not considered to contain enough high quality food. The Department for Education said it was looking into the issue, and that “parcels should be nutritious and contain a varied range of food”.

The Guardian talked to some lucky recipients of this dreck.

Mother of three, Karen Phillips, 33, has been forced to spend her rent money on her children’s lunches after receiving a “disgraceful” food parcel from her school last week.

The parcel, intended to last her 12-year-old daughter all week, didn’t contain any carbohydrates except two potatoes, alongside one onion, two peppers, a satsuma, single tomato and carrot, and two eggs wrapped in cling film. The parcel also included one small tub of soup powder, the same sized tub of tuna mayo, and a small bag of grated cheese.

I’d be a lot less worried about the carbs than the protein – of which there is almost none. Two eggs, a small amount of tuna, and a small amount of grated cheese. That’s three lunches at most, so what about the other two days? Gnaw on the potatoes?

Jack again:

It’s appalling. The apples and carrots and tomato and bananas are fine in themselves but they can’t make up for the slap in the face quality of the rest of it. Disgusting worthless pseudo-bread and even worse pseudo-cheese – why not just give them little plastic bags of mud?

Another what Jack Monroe can get for 20 quid:

I frown on the soft white bread in the upper right, but other than that – it’s more and better and 2/3 of the price.

Good company

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Remember Jonathan Ichikawa’s open letter to blame Kathleen Stock for everything? (Not literally. Literally it blamed her for being awarded an OBE, and not reciting the “trans women are women” oath 100 times every morning. Ok that last bit isn’t literal either. Just the first bit.)

There’s an open letter defending the idea that people can decide for themselves what they think.

A number of academic philosophers have taken the unusual step of publishing an “Open Letter Concerning Transphobia in Philosophy,” singling out Professor Kathleen Stock of the University of Sussex for condemnation. The reason? Professor Stock’s writing, speaking, and political activity regarding proposed changes to the UK Gender Recognition Act and more general issues of sex and gender.

The signatories dislike Professor Stock’s views and actions in this area, and that is their right. What disturbs us is that they think this sort of public singling out and vilification is an appropriate way of expressing their dislike. [It also appears that the writers got a number of things wrong about Professor Stock’s views, something others already have addressed in detail.]

The signatories suggest that this goes beyond disagreement with or a dislike of Professor Stock’s views. The letter implies that Professor Stock is one of those academics who are “using their academic status to further gender oppression”; that she is “harming” trans people; and that her work “contributes” to discrimination and violence directed towards trans people. No evidence of any kind is offered in support of these allegations. Undoubtedly, some people feel offended by what Professor Stock has written and said, but this is true of a great deal of what philosophers write and say. Many devout Christians will be offended by those arguing for abortion rights, and those who favor affirmative action are likely dismayed by arguments against it.

Read on.

You can sign it if you want to.

(Please click here to add your signature)

They are getting a lot of signers and they have to check each one for fakery, so it takes some time for new signatures to appear.


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Pompeo gets the big snub.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cancelled his Europe trip at the last minute on Tuesday after Luxembourg’s foreign minister and top European Union officials declined to meet him, European diplomats and other people familiar with the matter said.

Why would they? He’ll be gone in a week anyway, and he speaks for a disgraced fascist administration. Conversation would be stilted at best.

Pompeo, a close ally of Trump, had sought to meet Jean Asselborn in Luxembourg, a small but wealthy NATO ally, before meeting EU leaders and the bloc’s top diplomat in Brussels, three people close to the planning told Reuters.

Pompeo had originally planned to go to Luxembourg, but that leg of the trip was scrapped, one diplomatic source said, after officials there showed reluctance to grant him appointments. The Brussels leg was still on until the last minute.

I hope he was thoroughly inconvenienced, and that his feelings are hurt.

In Brussels, Pompeo was due to have a private dinner with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday evening at Stoltenberg’s private residence, before meeting Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes, whose country is a NATO ally.

The cold shoulder was a contrast with Pompeo’s previous visits to Brussels, which is home to NATO and EU headquarters, over the past three years, where he has given key-note speeches on U.S. policy and met the EU’s chief executive, even as Europe balked at Trump’s foreign policy.

Apparently he plans to run for president. Let’s hope not; he’s another evil bastard.

Over here, over here

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This guy – I saw the clip several times on the day of the attack and was confused about what was happening. Now it’s been explained.

A police officer is being hailed for his role steering an angry mob away from the Senate chambers during Wednesday’s deadly storming of the US Capitol by a pro-Trump mob.

Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman, identified by CNN reporter Kristin Wilson, could be seen in video footage distracting rioters away from the chamber as police raced to secure the area.

In the confrontation, Goodman puts himself between a man wearing a black QAnon T-shirt and a hallway leading to the Senate chambers, then shoves the person to induce him and the crowd to chase Goodman towards officers in the opposite direction.

And they did just that.

Capitol Police did not respond to a request regarding the identity of the officer. The efforts by Goodman, who is Black, gave police the time needed to race to lock the doors to the Senate chamber, according to the Washington Post.

Brave and resourceful.

The relationship has survived various scandals

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Even Deutsche Bank has booted him.

Deutsche Bank became the latest large company to cut ties with Donald Trump, with the firm that has propped up the Trump Organization for two decades reportedly announcing it would no longer do business with the disgraced president.

The relationship has survived various scandals. In 2008, Trump sued the bank’s real estate division after he defaulted on a $40m repayment, used to fund the construction of the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago. He accused Deutsche of co-causing the financial crisis and demanded $3bn in compensation.

Instead of dumping him as a client, Deutsche’s private wealth division stepped in and loaned him more money to pay off the existing debt. Deutsche has resisted efforts by Democrats in the House and Senate to explain its relationship with Trump – and to clarify if Russian state banks or entities underwrote some of his debts.

Totally normal business practice. “Oh you’re too broke to pay us back? Well in that case we’ll loan you more money – you can pay us out of that.”

But that was then. Now, astonished by his bad behavior, they have ushered him to the door.

Emergency measures

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They’d better be.

US officials are strengthening security measures in Washington DC and across the country as the FBI said far-right groups – many using social media – were continuing to threaten plots before Joe Biden’s inauguration as president on 21 January.

I wonder what they’re hoping for. Reinstatement of slavery? Repeal of all minimum wage laws? Sealed borders? Flat tax? Death penalty for abortions?


The outgoing homeland security secretary, Chad Wolf, said on Monday that he had moved up the timing of the “national special security event” for Biden’s inauguration to Wednesday, instead of 19 January citing the “events of the past week”, along with an “evolving security landscape”.

The events of the past week, triggered by his boss.

Wolf’s statement came as Trump – widely blamed for inciting the violence last week – issued an an emergency declaration for the US capital allowing the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate with local authorities as needed.

The warnings have prompted various states to introduce emergency measures, including Michigan, which banned the open carrying of firearms inside its state capitol, and Wisconsin, whose governor activated the national guard to support capitol police in Madison.

In California, the governor, Gavin Newsom, said authorities were “on high alert” for protests in Sacramento in the coming days, adding the national guard would be deployed if necessary.

Shouldn’t they be out raking the forests?

Rs give Covid to Ds

Jan 12th, 2021 11:00 am | By

Another gruesome bit of fallout from the insurrection:

Three lawmakers who had to shelter for safety during the US Capitol riot have tested positive for Covid-19.

Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat from Washington state, announced her positive result early on Tuesday, while chastising Republican colleagues who refused to wear masks while they waited in a secured room for more than five hours.

She’s the Democrat from Seattle; I’m in her district and of course voted for her. It’s simply disgusting that the Republicans refused to wear masks. Disgusting, contemptible, murderous, inexcusable.

The New Jersey representative Bonnie Watson Coleman, also a Democrat, said she decided to get tested because of the possibility of exposure and tested positive. She also tweeted that she was receiving monoclonal antibody treatment – which is still being investigated – on the advice of her doctor. Coleman, 75, is a cancer survivor.

So, high risk. Her Republican “colleagues” may have killed her.

Later on Tuesday, Brad Schneider, another Democrat, from Illinois, announced he too had tested positive. “Today, I am now in strict isolation, worried that I have risked my wife’s health and angry at the selfishness and arrogance of the anti-maskers who put their own contempt and disregard for decency ahead of the health and safety of their colleagues and our staff,” he said in a statement on his website.

What is it even for? I don’t get the politics of it. It’s not free enterprise, it’s not patriotism, it’s not militarism, it’s not religion – what is it? Just being bloody-minded for the sake of it? They’re going with that?

And it gets even worse.

They mocked them!

Jesus these people.

Jayapal called for “serious fines” to be levied on the lawmakers who did not wear a mask, putting their colleagues at risk. Six Republicans, including the Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, were seen on a tape refusing to accept a mask, according to CNN. …

Political infighting over the virus does not seem to be going away with the Trump administration. Greene released a statement about her refusal to protect her colleagues last Wednesday.

“Congresswoman Greene is a healthy adult who tested negative for Covid at the White House just this week,” it said.

“She does not believe healthy Americans should be forced to muzzle themselves with a mask. America needs to reopen and get back to normal.”

There’s no vaccine for stupid.

Totally appropriate

Jan 12th, 2021 10:35 am | By

Fascist Don regrets nothing.

An unrepentant Donald Trump has denied inciting an insurrection at the US Capitol last week, claiming his speech before the violence was “totally appropriate”.

So he’s saying it’s totally appropriate that five people were killed.

“So if you read my speech, and many people have done it, and I’ve seen it both in the papers and in the media, on television, it’s been analysed, and people thought that what I said was totally appropriate,” Trump insisted at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, ahead of a trip to Texas.

No, “people” didn’t. A small minority of Trump fans may think that, but generic “people” do not.

Shortly before noon last Wednesday, the president gave an incendiary speech to thousands of supporters, insisting his election defeat by Joe Biden could be overturned and urging them to march to the Capitol and “fight much harder” against “bad people”.

He said: “You’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength.”

Democrats have directly linked the speech, and previous Trump comments, to the carnage that unfolded when rioters, some carrying Confederate flags, fought with police and looted congressional offices.

…and were only just barely prevented from murdering legislators.

Behind the scenes, the president has reportedly continued his retreat into paranoia and unreality, repeating in a conversation with the House majority leader, Kevin McCarthy, the outlandish lie that so-called “antifa” leftwing activists, not his supporters, were responsible for death and destruction inside the Capitol.

“It’s not Antifa,” McCarthy reportedly replied. “It’s Maga. I know. I was there.”

So even McCarthy isn’t one of those “people” Trump cited.

A House vote to impeach Trump on one article, for incitement of insurrection, is expected on Wednesday. The timetable for an ensuing Senate trial was uncertain. If Trump is convicted after he leaves power, he will be disqualified from running for office again.

I didn’t know the Senate trial could happen after the end of this term. Good to know.

He will probably use this border visit to do more inciting, because he hasn’t done nearly enough yet.

Multiple outlets confirmed an ABC News report that the FBI expects armed pro-Trump protests in all 50 state capitals and Washington DC before inauguration day.

Explanations for why Trump himself could not be reached as the Capitol was attacked continued to emerge. According to the Washington Post, quoting an unnamed close adviser, the president was “hard to reach … because it was live TV”.

“If it’s TiVo, he just hits pause and takes the calls,” the adviser said. “If it’s live TV, he watches it, and he was just watching it all unfold.”

He was too busy watching it to do his job helping to terminate it.

Former federal cybersecurity chief Chris Krebs, who Trump fired for saying the election was secure, told CNN: “This is the equivalent of ignoring that pain in your chest for a couple weeks and then all of a sudden you have a catastrophic heart attack.

“We are on the verge of what I fear to be a pretty significant breakdown in democracy and civil society here.”

Eight days.

Fiercest allies

Jan 11th, 2021 5:17 pm | By

Medal of skunkery, it should be. Shirtsleeves Jordan gets his gong:

President Donald Trump on Monday awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, one of the outgoing president’s fiercest GOP allies.

And by “fiercest” PBS means most dishonest, most bullying, most shameless.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom, established by President John F. Kennedy, is meant to recognize those who have made an “especially meritorious contribution” to national security, world peace or ”cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”

It’s not meant to recognize those who have done favors for a criminal president.

Last week, Trump awarded the Medal of Freedom to another Republican ally, Rep. Devin Nunes of California, in a private ceremony.

Another truly horrible human being.

Trump has not appeared in public since delivering a grievance-filled speech five days ago at a rally near the White House shortly before a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol as Congress began formally counting the Electoral College votes to certify his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden.

Maybe his face has turned green and started dropping off.

The most pissy, you mean

Jan 11th, 2021 4:53 pm | By

Oh he’s so BUTCH.

First of all Hogan Gidley looks exactly like Alfred E. Newman, but more to the point – Trump, masculine??? The goldy hair dye? The ridiculous fluffy ferfy flippy wavey twirly hair arrangement? The heavy makeup? The whining? The pouting? The inability to walk a tenth of a mile?

2017-05-29_07-43-50 trump in golf cart - Rooster Today

The fear of cats? The endless bullying? The tiny fingers on the tiny hands? The stupid little mincey gestures?

There’s a confusion here. Trump is mean, and rude, and piggy, and a bully, but that doesn’t make him masculine…or feminine, either – it makes him an asshole.

He’s gutted

Jan 11th, 2021 4:23 pm | By

Ok now they’ve gotten to him. Impeachment no big deal, but the PGA? Ouch!

That is, a much bigger wound, not a much smaller one. You’d think the other way around, but no. Being president is just for giggles, golf is serious.

What did they do?

ABC News:

As he faces a lonely end to his presidency, Donald Trump learned Sunday evening that, in the wake of last week’s riot at the U.S. Capitol, he has lost one of the relationships he values most: his partnership with the Professional Golfers’ Association.

While the embattled president has been hunkered down to try and preserve his political career, the PGA of America, the proprietors of one of golf’s four major championship tournaments, announced that it plans to move its 2022 PGA Championship away from Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J.

Holding the tournament at Trump Bedminster, Richerson said, would be “detrimental” to the PGA of America’s brand and put the organization’s ability to function “at risk.”

Shortly after the announcement, the Trump Organization expressed disappointment with the move in a statement of their own.

“We have had a beautiful partnership with the PGA of America and are incredibly disappointed with their decision,” said a spokesperson for The Trump Organization. “This is a breach of a binding contract and they have no right to terminate the agreement. As an organization we have invested many, many millions of dollars in the 2022 PGA Championship at Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster. We will continue to promote the game of golf on every level and remain focused on operating the finest golf courses anywhere in the world.”

They’ve poked him in the eye before.

In 2016, the PGA Tour, golf’s professional circuit, prematurely ended an agreement to stage a World Golf Championship event at Trump National Doral resort in Miami, Fla., after then-candidate Trump made disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants on the campaign trail, and moved the event to Mexico City.


Manatees deserve better

Jan 11th, 2021 3:53 pm | By

He poisons everything.

Florida wildlife officials are appealing to the public for help after a manatee was found with U.S. President Donald Trump’s last name carved into its back.

The animal was reported to authorities over the weekend, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service told the Citrus County Chronicle. Anyone with information is being asked to contact Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation.

A harassment investigation is underway. A spokesperson for the FWS declined to comment to the Chronicle, citing the ongoing investigation. He added that harassing a manatee is a crime punishable by up to one year in prison and a US$50,000 fine.

It’s not the first time that a Trump tag has appeared on a wild animal. Conservationists in North Carolina were upset last summer when they found a Trump 2020 campaign slogan attached to a bear’s tracking collar.

I guess the message is “Trump hates animals, especially endangered ones, so we’re tormenting them in his honor”?