To atone for the heresy

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Greg Sargent at the Post notes the determination of the Republicans to enforce evil on all of its foot soldiers via the example of Georgia governor Brian Kemp.

Kemp’s travails are detailed in a great new piece in the New York Times. It examines Kemp’s frantic efforts to atone for the heresy of refusing to help then-President Donald Trump overturn his Georgia loss, and then defending the loss as a legitimate outcome.

That is, the heresy of refusing to help Donald Trump break a bunch of laws in order to steal the election.

The central revelation is that Kemp sees his advocacy for Georgia’s new voting law as a way to win back GOP voters still fuming over his betrayal of Trump. Crucially, it’s the law’s new limits on voting — ones targeted at African American voters — that will make this happen.

Which we’ve known all along. It was never subtle.

Now behold how frantically Kemp is working to make amends with those GOP voters:

Since signing the bill into law on March 25, Mr. Kemp has done roughly 50 interviews, 14 with Fox News, promoting the new restrictions with messaging that aligns with Mr. Trump’s baseless claims that the election was rigged against him.

Amusingly, it was left to Trump to unmask the game. Far from being satiated by Kemp’s efforts, Trump issued a statement ripping the governor for not doing still more to restrict voting. Trump claimed to want more “ballot integrity,” but as Brian Beutler notes, his statement explicitly defines “ballot integrity” as restricting modes of voting employed by Democrats.

Kemp could have just ignored Trump’s squawks, but I guess the charisma was simply too much for him.

A startling ultimatum

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The Republican “we’re gonna TELL on you” ploy is getting more attention.

The National Republican Congressional Committee debuted a bright-yellow prechecked recurring-donation box on its donation page with a startling ultimatum.

The message from House Republicans’ campaign arm — which caught the eye of many reporters on Wednesday — told people that it needed to know it hadn’t “lost you to the Radical Left” and that if they opted out of making their donation a recurring one and “UNCHECK this box, we will have to tell Trump you’re a DEFECTOR & sided with the Dems.”

It’s interesting how stupid that message is, and how cheerful the Republicans who thought it up must be about telling their own people “We think you’re gullible enough to believe this.” Not giving away money to a political party when asked is not evidence of allegiance to the other party. More people vote Republican than give money to the Republican party. People tend to need their money for living expenses. The people demanding the money are very likely to be far richer than the people they’re demanding the money from.

You’re a DEFECTOR – and a traitor and a spy. It all adds up.

On the RNC’s WinRed donation page on Wednesday, the yellow prechecked donation box said, “The Dems want you to uncheck this box and abandon President Trump, but we know you won’t!”

Furthermore, see this dog? We’ll shoot this dog if you uncheck the box.

His slap

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The insult of nominating a man to win a women’s writing prize is compounded by the fact that the book is badly written as well as stomach-turningly sexist. (I haven’t read the whole book, but I have read snippets, and writing that bad is not confined to snippets. The snippets are as it were diagnostic. Someone who writes that badly writes that badly all the time.)

It just couldn’t get much worse. It’s a prize for women so the people in charge nominate a man who calls himself a woman, for a book in which he writes that “feminization” is all about being the object of violence. We don’t have our own sex any more, it’s now a toy for narcissistic fetishists.

Sit down Bruce

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Some people think much too well of themselves.

Former reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner is talking with political consultants as she actively explores a run for governor of California, three sources with direct knowledge of her deliberations tell Axios.

Based on what? Being a self-obsessed nitwit? What possible qualifications could that boring vain narcissistic twerp have for being governor of a state that’s larger than many countries? Not to mention the fact that he killed a woman by crashing into her car when she was stopped at a red light. Who would want a governor who killed someone by driving badly?

Or it gets the hose

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Sian Cain, scolder of women who don’t agree that men are women if they say they are, tweets.

She also retweets.

I don’t know what to tell them. It’s nice that (according to them) the Women’s Prize has always aimed to honour, celebrate and champion women’s voices, but the reality remains that they’re not doing that by making men eligible for the prize. It’s more the opposite: they’re insulting and mocking women’s voices.

I don’t know what they mean by “the word ‘woman’ equates to a transgender woman who is legally defined as a woman,” but it’s gibberish whatever they mean by it. The word “legally” isn’t magic. Men remain men even if there are laws telling us we have to pretend otherwise.

You WILL agree that men are women

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Sian Cain at the Guardian writes:

The Women’s prize for fiction has issued a strongly worded statement saying that it “deplores any attempts to malign or bully” authors nominated for the prize, after trans novelist Torrey Peters was targeted in an open letter.

In other words the Women’s prize for fiction has issued a statement maligning and bullying women who say the Women’s prize for fiction should be for women as opposed to men who claim to be women. So I guess the Women’s prize for fiction isn’t for women any more.

The US writer, who is nominated for the £30,000 award for her debut novel Detransition, Baby, was the subject of a letter published online on Tuesday by the Wild Women Writing Club. The letter, which is signed by several dead women writers including Emily Dickinson and Daphne du Maurier, claims that some signatories were using pseudonyms “because of the threat of harassment by trans extremists and/or cancellation by the book industry”.

Says Sian Cain in the paragraph after the one where she reports that the Women’s prize for fiction has shouted at women for saying the Women’s prize for fiction should be for women. Gee I wonder why any woman would think there’s a threat of harassment and/or cancellation if she dares to say that women are women and men are not women.

The signatories argue that the decision to longlist Peters for the Women’s prize, founded 25 years ago in the aftermath of an all-male Booker shortlist, “communicates powerfully that women authors are unworthy of our own prize, and that it is fine to allow male people to appropriate our honours … the moment you decided that a male author was eligible, the award ceased to be the Women’s prize and became simply the Fiction prize.”

Obviously. If you make male authors eligible, obviously it’s not a women’s prize any more.

The letter was condemned by numerous authors around the world, including previous nominee Elif Shafak, who congratulated Peters on her nomination and said: “After seeing yesterday’s unacceptable, unethical open letter, we need to say, again and again, #TransWomenareWomen. Trans women writers are my sisters.”

But they’re not. They’re not women, and they’re not anybody’s sisters.

In their statement, published on Wednesday, the Women’s prize organisers said they were “immensely proud of the exceptional and varied longlist””.

“Varied” is good, but if it’s “varied” in the sense of including men, then by definition it’s not a women’s prize any more.

“The prize is firmly opposed to any form of discrimination on the basis of race, age, sexuality, gender identity and all other protected characteristics, and deplores any attempts to malign or bully the judges or the authors.”

Well that’s just fucking stupid. If we’re not allowed to “discriminate” i.e. see the difference between women and men any more, then we can’t organize politically, we can’t talk about misogyny and sexism, we can’t campaign against rape, we can’t press the police and the courts to take rape seriously and not assume women are always lying, we can’t sue employers for paying women less, we basically can’t have anything.

File closed

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In Georgia news:

A district attorney in Atlanta said Wednesday that she will not pursue charges against a Georgia state lawmaker who was arrested during a protest of the state’s sweeping new election law.

Probably because she didn’t commit a crime.

“After reviewing all of the evidence, I have decided to close this matter,” Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said in an emailed statement. “It will not be presented to a grand jury for consideration of indictment, and it is now closed.”

Rep. Park Cannon, a Democrat from Atlanta, was arrested March 25 after she knocked on the door to Republican Gov. Brian Kemp’s office while he was on live television speaking about the voting bill he had just signed into law. Police charged her with obstruction of law enforcement and disruption of the General Assembly. She was released from jail later that evening.

The Representative is black, of course, and the bill Kemp (who is white) was signing into law is a bill that restricts and impedes voting rights. Arresting her was just more of the same shit.

In a press release the DA said

After reviewing all of the evidence, I have decided to close this matter. It will not be presented to a grand jury for consideration of indictment, and it is now closed.

While some of Representative Cannon’s colleagues and the police officers involved may have found her behavior annoying, such sentiment does not justify a presentment to a grand jury of the allegations in the arrest warrants or any other felony charges.”

Being annoying is not a crime. Being annoying while black is not a crime. Being annoying in the eyes of white people is not a crime.

Cannon’s attorney says she shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place, which is certainly how it looks from the outside.

“Facts and evidence show that Park Cannon committed no crime and should never have been arrested. We are weighing our next legal options,” said Cannon’s attorney, Gerald Griggs.


Seriously. Civil rights violation. False arrest. Sue their asses.


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The public face of the ACLU

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James Kirchick on the new and not improved ACLU:

“My successor, and the board of directors that have supported him, have basically tried to transform the organization from a politically neutral, nonpartisan civil liberties organization into a progressive liberal organization,” [former Executive Director Ira] Glasser says about Anthony Romero, an ex-Ford Foundation executive who continues to serve as the ACLU’s executive director. According to former ACLU national board member Wendy Kaminer in her 2009 book Worst Instincts: Cowardice, Conformity, and the ACLU, Romero and his enablers routinely engaged in the sort of undemocratic and unaccountable behavior practiced by the individuals and institutions the ACLU usually took to court, like withholding information (concerning a breach of ACLU members’ privacy, no less), shredding documents in violation of its own record-preservation and transparency procedures, and attempting to muzzle board members from criticizing the organization publicly.

Of course, no discussion of the ACLU can ignore Donald Trump, whose role in its degeneration, like that of so many other people and institutions opposed to him, was seismic. It was entirely appropriate that the ACLU would be one of Trump’s loudest antagonists; he made violating the letter and spirit of the Constitution an all but explicit plank of his campaign, and his upset victory subsequently led to a dramatic spike in the ACLU’s membership rolls. Accompanying this influx of new members and money, however, were pressures for the group to become another run-of-the-mill #Resistance outfit.

And thus more attractive to someone like Chase Strangio, who is not a defender of civil liberties at all. (Does Strangio defend the civil liberty to say that men are not women and women are not men? No.)

Were the ACLU today confronted with a lawsuit similar to National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie, Glasser doubts the group would take it.

Mind you, I’m not ACLU (Glasser-era ACLU) material either, because I’ve never thought the ACLU were right about the Skokie case. I don’t think it’s a civil liberty to threaten people, and I think Nazis marching through a neighborhood that’s mostly Jewish is threatening those Jews.

If the public face of the ACLU was Ira Glasser during the latter part of the previous century, today that honor can be claimed by a staff attorney named Chase Strangio. Named one of the 100 most influential people on the planet by Time magazine last year, Strangio is the ACLU’s deputy director for transgender justice. Like many activists consumed by this issue, he is uncompromising in demanding strict adherence to a set of highly contestable orthodoxies, and merciless toward anyone who dares question them. Two women who have—J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, and Abigail Shrier, author of a book about the role of “peer contagion” in the rising rate of teenage girls declaring themselves transgender—are “closely aligned with white supremacists in power,” Strangio declared on Twitter, offering not a shred of evidence for this claim. “Stopping the circulation of [Shrier’s] book and these ideas is 100% a hill I will die on,” he wrote, a rather bizarre position for an ACLU employee to endorse.

“Rather bizarre” is a loose translation of “Strangio.”

Another turn of the screw

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It seems the Republican National Committee thought Trump’s sneaky theft of money from supporters is such a brilliant idea that they’ll do it even more so.

I checked Snopes and they don’t have it yet, though they do have the Trump one and rate it true.


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The reporting is always so incomplete, not to say distorted.

Arkansas bans transgender youth treatment

It’s not “treatment” though. It’s not medicine to cure a disease. It is, at the very least, disputed whether or not it’s a good idea to give adolescents who say they are the other sex surgeries and/or puberty blockers and/or cross-sex hormones. None of that is straightforwardly “treatment.” Given the fact that some people who have gone through one or more of those interventions now regret it, it’s all the more dubious to call it “treatment.” Being female or male isn’t an illness, and doesn’t in itself require treatment. Responsible journalism should be cautious about adopting terminology that assumes there is an illness or condition that requires “treatment” to enable the patient to appear to be the other sex.

Arkansas has become the first US state to outlaw gender confirming treatments and surgery for transgender people under the age of 18.

But what are “gender confirming treatments”?

The bill also in effect bans doctors from providing puberty blockers, or from referring them to other providers for the treatment.

Puberty blockers are radical interventions, that do a lot of damage to young bodies, much of it permanent. It may be worth it to some people, but they’re very unlikely to know that at age 12 or so. The whole idea is risky at best, so it’s not just obviously wicked or tragic that doctors and providers can’t do the risky thing.

The bill has faced much opposition from groups including the American Academy of Pediatrics, which said the law would block trans youth from important medical care and increase their already high risk of suicide.

It isn’t medical care though. It may be a kind of psychological care, but it’s highly contested whether it’s good psychological care or not.

And the suicide threat is outright bad journalism. Journalists have been instructed not to promote suicidal ideation that way, but they keep doing it.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said it was preparing litigation, stating that the bill “will drive families, doctors and businesses out of the state and send a terrible and heart-breaking message to the transgender young people who are watching in fear”.

Maybe not. Maybe the ACLU is just wrong. Maybe the bill will save young people from doing irreversible damage to their own bodies. Maybe the ACLU isn’t thinking about this carefully enough.

Dr Jack Turban, a fellow in child and adolescent psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine, told the BBC that access to gender-affirming care for trans youth is “consistently linked to better mental health outcomes”.

He added that much of the political discourse around this care has been shrouded in unscientific misinformation that implies “transgender youth are ‘confused’ or invalid.”

And Dr Jack Turban knows for sure that none of them are confused? Does that seem likely or even possible given the amount of bullshit there is being talked on this subject – including by Dr Jack Turban?

An unusually ugly record

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Steve Benen at MSNBC:

Donald Trump has an unusually ugly record when it comes to separating those he perceives as fools from their money. As we’ve discussed before, the Republican ran a fraudulent charitable foundation and created a fraudulent “university” that was designed to do little more than rip off its “students.”

Not to mention all those overvalued condos he sold.

But his new trick is really breathtaking.

The New York Times reported over the weekend on Trump’s 2020 political operation and the brazenly underhanded tactics it employed to swindle its unsuspecting donors. The article began by featuring a financially unstable cancer patient in Kansas City, who chipped in $500 last September after hearing Rush Limbaugh talk about the Republican ticket’s financial needs.

What the hospice-bound patient — making his first-ever campaign contribution — didn’t know was that Team Trump accepted the $500 donation, withdrew another $500 the next day, and then took another $500 once per week through mid-October. It wasn’t long before the cancer patient’s bank account had been emptied by the then-president’s political operation, causing the man’s utility and rent payments to bounce.

How did the operation manage that? By including a tiny box with a tick already in it saying it could do that very thing.

Facing a cash crunch and getting badly outspent by the Democrats, the campaign had begun last September to set up recurring donations by default for online donors, for every week until the election. Contributors had to wade through a fine-print disclaimer and manually uncheck a box to opt out. As the election neared, the Trump team made that disclaimer increasingly opaque, an investigation by The New York Times showed.

Default acceptances should be illegal.

Initially, there was an easily overlooked pre-checked box on the donation page — which, naturally, many supporters didn’t see — that turned a single donation into a monthly contribution. As Election Day drew closer, the pre-checked box created weekly contributions.

And then they added a whole bunch of confusing text that made it even harder to see what was happening.

Not surprisingly, banks and credit card companies were soon inundated “with fraud complaints from the president’s own supporters about donations they had not intended to make, sometimes for thousands of dollars.”

Because the then-president was so energetically stealing $$$ from his own fans.

And it’s not over.

The same New York Times report added:

Now WinRed is exporting the tools it pioneered during the Trump re-election across the Republican Party, presaging a new normal for G.O.P. campaigns. Today, the websites of various Republican Party committees and top congressional Republicans, including Representative Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader, and Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader, include prechecked yellow boxes for multiple or recurring donations.

I wonder if they’ve given any thought to the long-term effects of stealing wads of cash from their own supporters.

Updating to add, at Skeletor’s suggestion:

Trump used dark patterns to trick supporters into donating millions more  than intended - The Verge

Regardless of anatomy

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Leila Miller at the LA Times tells us:

Kelly Blackwell longs to escape her life as a transgender woman in a California men’s prison, where she struggles every day to avoid being seen in her bra and panties and says she once faced discipline after fighting back when an inmate in her cell asked for oral sex.

If Blackwell doesn’t want to be seen in his bra and “panties” why does he wear them? Skip the bra and wear underpants with no frills; problem solved.

After more than 30 years, and two decades since Blackwell began hormone therapy, her chance to leave arrived last fall when groundbreaking legislation gave transgender, intersex and nonbinary inmates the right, regardless of anatomy, to choose whether to be housed in a male or female prison.

Oh I see, so now it’s the women in women’s prisons who get to be afraid of the inmates in their cells.

The demand has been high, with 261 requests for transfers since SB 132 took effect Jan. 1, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Yeah no shit. Safer for the men, and lots of rape opportunities. (Do we really think there are that many men who really do identify as women in the California prison system? No we do not.)

“I won’t be around predatory men and I won’t be around staff that frown upon trans women,” Blackwell, 53, said in a phone call from Mule Creek State Prison, east of Sacramento.

But the women I’m around will be around a predatory man! Or at least they won’t be sure they’re not! But that’s cool, this is all about me! I get what I want!

But more than two hours away, at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, there’s fear. Inmates say guards have warned them that “men are coming” and to expect sexual violence.

Oh no, I’m sure it will be all sisterhood all the way.

The Times spoke to more than a dozen inmates in women’s and men’s prisons to understand how the new law is playing out. Although advocates and inmates say the transfers have been received well, several claim that misinformation spread by prison staffers is stirring up transphobia and that more must be done to educate inmates.

I’m sure the new trans cellmates will do all the educating that’s needed.

Jen Orthwein, an attorney who represents transgender inmates and worked on the bill, said that not all inmates want or have access to hormone therapy or gender-affirming surgery, and that “any expression of femininity in a men’s prison places people in danger.”

Therefore they must be transferred to a women’s prison, because women exist to shield men from male violence. It’s nobody’s job to shield women from male violence.

Unconscious processing

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I’m curious about something.

I randomly saw this painting in a book and the name of the painter popped up in my brain (and I checked and it really was the painter), and the thing about that is that I don’t know why. I don’t know how I knew and I don’t know why it was so quick and automatic. I “recognized” the painter but I don’t know why I did. We’ll talk about who it is eventually but for now I’m curious to see if anyone else recognizes the painter, with or without knowing how.

There are other paintings by this painter that are what’s called “iconic” – instantly recognizable, and no surprise about it. But to me this one doesn’t particularly look reminiscent of those…but it probably does in some way, or I wouldn’t have known who the painter was. Or maybe I would, if I’d seen it before and remembered without knowing I remembered – the way I know how to type but can’t list the keys in the right position without looking. So I’m curious about all that, so tell me what you see. Don’t say the name for now.

Edward Hopper | From Williamsburg Bridge | The Metropolitan Museum of Art


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“Grace” Lavery is a fake woman but by god he’s a genuine troll.

So adorable. Teehee. Only a man could think that would be funny.

No, no one will ever become the first trans woman to need an abortion, let alone to have one.

In any other context Lavery would probably make erudite fun of the idea that technological progress is so relentless and inevitable that some time in the next 40 years or so men will be able to get pregnant. In any other context Lavery would probably realize that by then climate change will have triggered such dire consequences that no one will have the slightest interest in trying to re-engineer male bodies to make them pregnancy-enabled, let alone the funding.

And then, in addition to that, there’s the fact that abortion isn’t like prizes in sports, or the career ladder, or the glory of discovery, or getting elected to high office. Abortion is a necessary basic technology, and that’s all. Bragging rights for being the first trans woman to “get” an abortion are not a thing, any more than bragging rights for being the first trans woman to insert a diaphragm would be.

Won’t throw the first pitch so nyah

Apr 5th, 2021 5:18 pm | By

In baseball news

Texas governor Greg Abbott said on Monday that he won’t throw the ceremonial first pitch as planned at the Texas Rangers’ home opener, the latest jab in a fight that is pushing corporate America into the political battle over voting rights.

I suppose “home opener” means the first game of the season which is being played in the home town of the Texas Rangers. I guess we’re all supposed to be fluent in Baseball.

The Republican governor informed the Rangers via a letter, citing Major League Baseball’s decision to move the MLB All-Star Game from Atlanta in response to Georgia’s sweeping new voting laws, which include new restrictions on voting by mail and greater legislative control over how elections are run. Critics of the law say it will make it more difficult for minority groups to vote in Georgia.

Because it will. Closing voting sites and drop boxes will of course make it more difficult for people to vote, especially people without much money, without cars, without the ability to take time off work whenever necessary, without someone to watch the kids, without the stamina needed to stand in a line for five hours. That’s the whole point. Put up obstacles that will be obstacles to the people who vote Democratic as opposed to the people who vote Republican.

“It is shameful that America’s pastime is not only being influenced by partisan political politics, but also perpetuating false political narratives,” Abbott said.

It’s not false at all. Voting laws in Georgia (and Mississippi and Alabama and the rest of the former slave states) were intended to impede black people from voting, and they did so. That’s why the Voting Rights Act was passed. These new post-Shelby laws are the same kind of thing, albeit slightly more subtle.

Guest post: RIRO

Apr 5th, 2021 4:25 pm | By

Originally a comment by latsot on To be seen.

It’s not difficult to train face recognition to work with black people. If you trained the machine learning systems with plenty of black and white faces, it would be fine with both.

However, most facial recognition software has historically been trained on mostly white people, so has a problem reacting to dark skin. It presumably didn’t occur to the people who trained the systems that some faces are not white.

There are lots of other examples of software that has taken on the racism of its trainers. For example, many police forces in the US (and some in the UK) use software to predict where crime is likely to happen (for the purposes of resource planning and management). It’s trained on historical data and since the police’s arrest records contain a racial bias toward arresting people who aren’t white, the software predicts that future crimes will occur in areas where the population is mostly non-white. And since the police are institutionally racist, they see this as ‘working’.

It could be classified as a GIGO problem, yes, but it’s better classified as Racism In Racism Out.

It’s all about control

Apr 5th, 2021 12:02 pm | By

The war on epidemiology continues.

Why? Why is it? How do we know it is? Why would the government want to “control” us in the sense of forcing us to wear masks for no reason? What does it gain from doing that? Cui bono? What does Fauci gain from it? Why hasn’t Fauci been telling us to wear masks for the past 40 years, pandemic or no pandemic? What is it for?

To be seen

Apr 5th, 2021 10:41 am | By

So many levels of meta that you can’t figure out what is being said:

I awoke this morning as I do every morning with a burning, unquenchable lust to be seen. Thankfully, what with it being Transgender Day of Visibility and all, I might finally have that need met.

You see what I mean. That sounds like self-mockery, but would the Guardian be publishing genuine self-mockery by a trans person? Does any trans person ever self-mock? Especially for wanting to be seen every god damn second?

I, personally, began my morning with a mantra: “I am seen. I am visible. I am here to represent.” I repeated this into my phone screen, its front-facing camera reflecting my face back to me, while still lying in bed, wrapped in the powder-pink weighted blanket I got for free last summer in a Pride sponsorship with Local Linens, the national bedding conglomerate that partnered with Amazon for an exclusive line of products.

Clearly self-mocking, surely, but…to what purpose? Aren’t we under strict orders to take all this with deadly seriousness?

My friend Xanthippe, a New York-based diversity and inclusion consultant who’s been working with Amazon

Oh come on – laying it on a bit thick don’t you think?

who’s been working with Amazon for the past couple of years to help them improve their facial recognition software so that it stops misgendering trans and nonbinary people, helped get me that deal. I’m so lucky to have the support of my community.

Rolling out of bed, I slipped on my fluffy, trans flag Ugg slides and ambled to my dresser where I retrieved an oversize black T-shirt made made by Macy Rodman, a musician here in Brooklyn and trans woman herself. If I was going to be seen today – think of it as me channeling Annette Bening in American Beauty, will be seen today – it would only be right that I use my platform, ie, myself, to promote members of my community, yeah?

Consumerism, pop culture, insatiable narcissism, yes, we get it, but…

Lacing up my boots and donning my new favorite mask – a cloth one featuring a beaded portrait of Dr Rachel Levine, the first openly trans federal official confirmed by the Senate, that was hand-embroidered here in Brooklyn by a local trans ally – I set out to scrounge up the visibility I deserved at the coffee shop two blocks away.

Visibility is a fraught subject for many within the trans community, which itself is a very real thing and not a reductive myth of a fictive monolith perpetuated to make it easier for individuals to make sweeping, universal claims on behalf of the whole collective. “Trans visibility and recognition has skyrocketed,” wrote Alex V Green for BuzzFeed two years ago, “but Black and brown trans women are still dying. It doesn’t seem like a politics of visibility can really save the most vulnerable among us.”

Those are very good points, but what about me – the first openly trans woman to order an iced oat milk latte at my neighborhood coffee shop this morning? Surely, that’s significant – brave, even. That kind of representation is so important … right?

It was published on March 31 – maybe it was meant as April Fool hur hur but a mole at the Guardian jumped the gun.

No, it’s the eggs

Apr 5th, 2021 10:05 am | By

None so blind as those who will not see.

Yes, fgm and female infanticide are things done to female people because of “gendered ideas” but those ideas are about female people as opposed to male people. They are rooted in the sex of both. Female “purity” and male ownership of that “purity” exist because the female people gestate the babies.

In a different world, where girls and women were bigger and stronger than boys and men, the ownership of the gestational person wouldn’t work the same way. It would have to be a consensual form of ownership, which wouldn’t be ownership but loyalty or devotion. But we don’t live in that world, sadly, so girls and women are subject to control and violence while men and boys are trained to see them as sluts and whores and rebellious witches. All of that is because girls and women are that subordinate sex that gestates the babies. Men can transition until they turn blue but it won’t make them that subordinate sex that gestates the babies.