A million £ to refuse to say “women”

Boys and men get to be called boys and men, but girls and women don’t get to be called girls and women. Who made that rule I wonder? And why are so many people obeying it?

JL via The Spectator in A Week in the War on Women:

Young Scot is a publicly funded organisation which received a £975,000 grant from Scottish Government last year for various projects, one of which is the provision of information for young people.

Young Scot has produced advice about menstruation but there is no mention of ‘girls’ or ‘women’ in the text. Instead, it makes vague references to “Those of us that have both our ovaries and a womb” and “Half the world’s population”. It does, however, mention ‘transgender men and non-binary individuals’.

It’s like a burqa for language. Women and girls must be forcibly kept out of sight, but men and boys can stride all over the landscape as much as they like. New boss just like the old boss.

Similar information providing advice for young males about puberty refers to them as ‘men’ and ‘boys’. No vague or confusing language here.

Susan Smith of For Women Scotland told The Scottish Sun, “Once again advice for girls is offensively dehumanising: while boys and men get the dignity of a name, girls and women are reduced to body parts”.

A spokesman for Young Scot said, “We’ve worked in partnership with the Scottish Government to ensure we’re as inclusive as possible”.

No they haven’t. That’s ridiculous. Of course they haven’t. It’s not “inclusive” to conceal the existence of female people: it’s the antithesis of inclusive. It excludes female people – the ones without whom no one would exist.

I wish people would hurry up and get a fucking clue. We don’t have time for this grotesque and dangerous messing around.

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