A mother who once picked cotton

Trump had a very bad day yesterday. First his company was found guilty on all charges – all nine or eleventy hundred or whatever it was. Then his candidate for Senator from Georgia lost lost lost lost lost lost lost.

One of 12 children born to a father who was also a pastor and a mother who once picked cotton, Warnock reflected on the unlikelihood of his path to the Senate. His mother was with him at his victory party, after she had the opportunity to again cast a ballot for her son.

“I am Georgia,” Warnock said. “I am an example and an iteration of its history, of its pain and its promise, of the brutality and the possibility. But because this is America, because we always have a path to make our country greater against unspeakable odds, here we stand together. Thank you, Georgia.”

Well, but, also because this is America the odds can be unspeakable. Warnock can say that if he wants to but people who aren’t descended from enslaved people don’t get to. It makes me cringe when people who don’t have that kind of heritage boast about America as the land of hope or ultimate liberation or whatever it is.

Walker’s defeat will probably intensify questions over Trump’s standing in the Republican party. Overall, Trump-endorsed candidates fared [badly] in this election season, prompting questions from some of the former president’s critics over whether he has pushed his party to an unpopular extreme.

Ya think?

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