Ah yes, women=pollution. Beware beware, bring plenty of bleach to throw in their faces.

Essex reports on the report:

In light of recent debates surrounding freedom of expression, trans inclusion, and ‘gender critical’ debates on university campuses, lawyers and academics at Garden Court Chambers and the University of Essex have prepared a new report: ‘Universities’ Legal Obligations in the Context of Trans Inclusion, Trans Equality, and ‘Gender Critical’ Activities on Campus’.

Already the asymmetry is apparent. Scare quotes on gender critical but no scare quotes on trans inclusion. Obligation in the context of trans inclusion and trans equality but nothing about female inclusion and female equality. Trans people matter; women are worthless at best, a demonic enemy at worst.

The report provides an accessible overview of how the law treats disputes on the limits of freedom of expression in a University, focusing in particular on issues relating to freedom of speech disputes in regards to trans inclusion, trans equality and ‘gender critical’ speech.

But what about issues relating to freedom of speech disputes in regards to inclusion of women, women’s equality, women’s speech?

Shut up. Nobody cares about that.

David Renton, a barrister at Garden Court Chambers, and the report’s lead author notes that, “Many university administrators are fearful of disputes spinning out of control, but actually their legal duties are straightforward. They must promote freedom of expression but not to the point where it becomes an excuse for the harassment of trans staff and students.” 

Trans staff and students only. The harassment of female staff and students is fine.

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