Out of respect

Interesting. Three people who were scheduled to perform at the Gun Jamboree have sent regrets.

Several musical performers who planned to appear at this week’s National Rifle Association convention in Houston have withdrawn out of respect for the victims of the massacre in Uvalde, 279 miles west of the typically boisterous annual gun-rights gathering.

Out of respect for the victims? But why does respect for the victims entail not performing at the National Rifle Association convention? Presumably all musical performances all over the country aren’t being canceled, are they? Why these in particular?

Could it be, could it possibly be, that it suddenly doesn’t feel altogether right and good to celebrate The Holy Gun when The Holy Gun has just murdered a lot of children and two teachers? If that’s it, could it be that it is in fact not altogether right and good to celebrate The Holy Gun? Could there be some downsides to the cult of the gun?

The convention was planned months ago, before a recent spate of mass shootings, including the killings in Uvalde, and a racist attack on a supermarket in Buffalo earlier this month that left 10 people dead. Both gunmen used AR-15-type semiautomatics that have been legal since the expiration of the assault weapons ban in 2004, a big N.R.A. victory.

A big NRA victory to make it easier for racists and grandmother-haters to kill a lot of people in a short time.

The event’s political keynoters — Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, Senator Ted Cruz and Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota — all plan to attend. Former President Donald J. Trump is scheduled to appear on Friday, although those in attendance will be prohibited from carrying firearms to his speech by the Secret Service.

Trump must be kept safe. No one else, just him.

Should be a fabulous party.

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